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Happy thoughts for the weekend…

What are you up to this weekend?

Tomorrow, I’m off to an 8K run with my friend Melinda, then I will take Mila to the cinema (we do this regularly for some ‘maman/mila’ time and it’s really good fun), then I will check if these are as good as they look. In the evening, we’ll go to a party on King’s Road to waive goodbye to some dear friends who are re-locating to Singapore and Sunday, it’s Mila who has a B’day party to attend…celle de Clemence

This week, I loved….

my friend Garth who is running the New York Marathon to raise 10,000USD for neurofibromatosis. Please help if you can (select GBR if you’re in the UK)…

These little garlands by Cinqmai

Dando…too cute!! (via Kayatine) and here is link to make your own

this photo competition organised by VOGUE

this book by Fifi Lapin

and these DIY tricks from Design Sponge

and I’m very happy that they won Best Indie/Alternative video, totally deserved!

Have a wonderful weekend!

(c) Image Ida Kristen via No Penny For Them, t-shirt from Topshop
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