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Happy thoughts for the weekend….

What are you up to this weekend?

Tomorrow, we’ll be having a yummy pizza there with friends from New-Zealand before heading to this book launch in Bricklane.
Sunday, Steve is off to France for a boys weekend so….
Mila and I will watch (again!) this uplifting French movie with Sophie Marceau
Take some photos with balloons

This week, I loved….

The new issue of this inspiring magazine

The blog and videos of Jeana Sohn

This lovely, personal account on Irene’s blog

This which made me laugh but if you have one, you must get one of these

Heidi Klum’s tips on how to look gorgeous on picture….er, who wouldn’t want to look like her?!

Mila telling me she had something “unbelievably beautiful” to show me…the cutest paper cut I had ever seen

Seeing our kitchen on Emma’s blog

And this photo taken by Christophe, my brother-in-law . Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Bon weekend multiple, régalez vous entre filles dimanche… perso j’emmène toute la tribu au LAM, et dimanche, piknik avec des amis sous le figuier de Casalil

  2. Un picnic sous le figuier ca sous-entend qu’il faut beau…Il fait si bon que ca a Lille? A chque fois que nous y sommes alles, il faisait froid ;-)

  3. love, love love that shot of your kitchen – it’s my favourite from that post of emma’s

    also, a quick question – i don’t suppose you have plans to stock the clare vivier messenger bag in black any time soon?!

  4. Quoi!? You had a shot of la Tropezienne tote bag on your blog and you didn’t tell me! :-)
    Will post it next week with a link to your blog

    Re. the messenger bag, let me get high-res images from Clare and we will add it to the site. Have a great weekend

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