happy thoughts for the weekend
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Happy thoughts for the weekend….

I meant to do this post on Friday but I ran out of time. What are you up to today?

I’ve just been for a little 5K run and kicked off my day with a healthy breakfast. I have been slacking for a few weeks but I need to get back into because the next few weeks in the shop are going to be a marathon
Last night I realised that I was allergic to Lancôme Renergie Lift volumetry yeux – So annoyed!! Instead of reducing wrinkles and lines around my eyes, I ended up with puffy eyes looking like a Panda. So today I’m gonna explore a more natural way with brands like Origins, Kieh’ls, Aesop and get a few samples before committing to a brand. Which product are you using for wrinkles around your eyes?

This week I loved….
discovering Les Carnets Parisiens which made my day! Gorgeous, gorgeous food styling! 
taking part in this fabulous online auction,
pulling the names of 3 winners for this competition
and this afternoon, I may take my mum to We Make London at Spitafields market.
Have a great Sunday xoxo

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Je voulais poster cela Vendredi mais je n’ai pas eu le temps. Vous faites quoi aujourd’hui? 
Je viens juste de faire un petit run de 5K et j’ai enchainée sur un bon petit déjeuner sain & equilibré. Cela faisait des semaines que je n’avais pas couru et je sais qu’il faut que je fasse attention a moi car les prochains jours au magasin vont etre intenses.
Hier soir, je me suis apercu que je faisais une allergie à Lancôme Renergie Lift volumetry yeux – super énervée !! Au lieu d’avoir moins de lignes et de rides autour des yeux, je me suis retrouvée avec la peau fripée et des yeux de Panda. Alors aujourd’hui, je vais explorer une option plus naturelle avec des marques comme Origins, Kieh’ls, Aesop et je vais aller chercher quelques échantillons avant de m’engager. Quel produit utilisez-vous pour les rides autour des yeux?

Sinon cette semaine, j’ai ador

découvrir Les Carnets Parisiens! Un site sur lequel le stylisme est absolument magnifique,
participer à cette online auction,
tirer le nom des 3 gagnants de ce jeu concour
et cet aprèms’, je vais peut-etre emmener ma mère à We Make London à Spitafields market.
Je vous souhaite une bonne journée xoxo

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  1. J’aimerais dire que je ne suis pas concernée par les ridules autour des yeux… mais ça serait mentir !!! ;)
    Par contre, après avoir lu bcp de choses (sur le Net notamment) je ne crois pas aux crèmes anti-rides (visage, contour des yeux..) ! Et c’est bien dommage !

  2. I am also allergic to Lancome Renergie Lift which is a shame because I believe it’s great. I used it for weeks before having to give it up… I am now using CLINIQUE Superdefense which i like because it’s SPF 25.
    How was your run? I also enjoy running 5 km.
    Great blog by the way! And your store is INCROYABLE!! I am in the process of setting up an online concept store in Mexico and your store is a major inspiration for me! I hope to launch it in February, will let you know as it’s out there.
    Happy Sunday girl!
    xoxo Susana

  3. Crazy isnt’t Susanna. I was so disappointed to develop an allergy for such a product! Nevermind….I’m really glad you like my store :-) Thank you very much and good luck with your launch!

  4. Les Carnets photos are just beautiful! How awful to have an allergy-I thought that’s why we all paid extra for the branded products?! My friend gave me some Boots time defence for over 40’s (I’m 46-yikes!) and I have to say, it’s been brilliant. Great price too-was wondering whether to step up to the over 50’s range-you can never be too careful with the old eyes!! We can compare wrinkles at S&B tomorrow eve :-))caroline

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