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Happy thoughts for the weekend

What are you up to this weekend?

Tonight, we are off to a dinner party at my friend’s place. Emma is Swedish, gorgeous, has three beautiful girls, a full time job and still manage to run on a weekly basis. Each time I see her, I feel inspired!
Mila will stay there for a sleepover. I don’t know if it is a city thing, because I don’t remember having so many playdates and sleepovers when I was young, growing up in the countryside but I think it’s great for the girls to have so many playdates and sleepovers. It can only improve their social skills and independence.
My brother is now back in London so on Saturday, we are going to do some photos together on Saturday. I’m very excited because our last shoot together was for the catalogue this Summer when we shot this workspace.
And now that the black matte masking tape and pastels one are back in stock, I’m gonna gave a bit of fun at home doing more moodboards like these two I made above.

This week, I loved this Gold montage,

I can’t wait for this exciting Wine tasting/fashion night, will be fun to meet everyone and I hope you can join in,

and I felt very very inspired by all these stylist jobs. It is one course that I would love to take!
Have a great weekend



  1. toujours pas acheté le cadre pour la map london de Lila;il faut que je me remue;))
    et oui tout va merci;juste le temps qui passe trop vite!
    On ne vous verra pas auxvacances de Noel si j’ai bien compris?

  2. Have a very happy weekend.. I will go to flavorites live tomorrow with Nathalie and meet some more bloggers and webshopowners Network time again ;)

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