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Hello September…

OK who wants to cry with me? :-)
Hello, hello, c’est vite dit…I can’t believe how fast this year went!
Frankly, I wish we were still there, enjoying our tree house, the beach, the glorious sun, learning to surf, drinking a large amount of salted water in the process, be together but it has been an amazing Summer for us as a family so no regret.
I’m only here in London for a week and then I’m off to Paris on Friday evening for a week to attend a trade show, work on our new Autumn/Winter collection and shoot some inspiring interiors.
Work life will be good, lots of exciting and interesting projects to work on but I’ll fill you in later on.

Now how was your Summer holidays? Tell me about it!? 

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Founder of Award-Winning Concept Store BODIE and FOU (now closed) & Photographer, UK's Top 10 Design blog, mum of one cool surfer, 23 years in London, now living by the beach in France, married to a kiwi.


  1. Anonymous says

    Sorry, I love fall and hate summer.

    While you are crying, I’ll be laughing and jumping.

    Welcome coats, boots, hot chocolate, comfortable sweaters, wool blankets, trees dressed in red and yellow, candy apples, walk without sweating,
    temperatures which allow sleep, ovens working with cinnamon cakes inside… oh, I can’t wait!

  2. Fair enough! :-) I’m more of a beach bum…love hanging out in white t-shirt and shorts, smelling of sand and vanilla suntan lotion, eating al fresco and stay up late chatting around a BBQ and great, glorious food

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