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How a few lifestyle changes will improve your life in 10 positive ways

10 positive things changing your lifestyle will do for you. Read on >> www.karinecandicekong.com

I have seen so many positive changes to my well-being since this post that I think it’s time to put them in writing and maybe this will motivate you to do the same (if that’s what you long to do) because frankly, I think it’s worth it and every woman deserves to feel good.

So yes there is no secret, it all comes down to knowing yourself and looking after yourself…
Eating a well-balanced diet, staying away from junk food & refined sugars, exercising regularly, laughing a lot, having a positive, support group of people around you etc…

I’ve given up smoking, I don’t drink a lot because, over the years, I have found that I feel much better if I have just one glass of wine rather than 3 and little by little, I’m making changes to my diet. Once a change has become a habit, I had another small one…

“Baby steps, girls, baby steps”

So here are what a few lifestyle changes will do to you


It will improve your skin.

Granted giving smoking in 2012 did wonder to my skin but replacing my coke zero by 2Lt of water a day and eating clean has massively improved my skin. I’ve never worn a lot of make-up but these days, I’m often surprised how nice and soft my skin feels before even putting some BB cream, considering I’m 46 years old and had no work done, Botox or anything.

You will radiant

The skin is one thing but I think radiance comes from the energy you exude, the spark in your eyes and “you look radiant” was definitively the compliment I got the most at the start of my journey and giving up processed foods for foods packed with nutrients will do this to you in a very short time.

You will have more energy

I’ve always had lots of energy mostly for work but at weekends I would crash whereas now, I just want to embrace life to the full and do things.

It will improve your self-confidence

Selfies/photos challenge people.
Some people hate seeing and taking pictures of themselves (confidence issue), some people feel challenged by other people ‘s selfies which again is a confidence issue.
I never had an issue with anyone posting selfies but I can see now how challenging someone’s selfie can be, if one doesn’t have the confidence to do one.

The same way you can’t stand someone’s positivity & boundless happiness when you’re not feeling good about yourself.

I have been there…I have unfollowed people on Instagram because their constant positivity really was getting on my nerves at a time, my life was very challenging. I couldn’t take all this “happiness” thing when things weren’t great but the thing is…life is full of challenge and the same way some foods are known to increase depression, good, healthy foods will make you feel great about yourself. So you may or may not end up taking selfies but the bottom line is, you won’t mind having your photo taken anymore because you’ll feel really great about yourself.

You will sleep better

Exercise, even a walk in the park, is known for releasing endorphins and these babies will help you to sleep better.
If you haven’t exercised for years and haven’t got the confidence to join a gym, start walking to work.
After being hit by mild depression at the end of 2013, I started 2014 walking to work…45 min one way. It seems like a very long walk to start with but within a month, I was hardly noticing. I was walking playing music and by the time, I had arrived to my destination, it felt like I had just walked 10 min.

You will feel sexier

My friend Sandrine recently read an article about a woman who was saying that since she feels good naked, she feels good whatever she wears. I really get that.
In fact, when you start making lifestyle changes by eating clean and exercising, you get some kind of freedom from the body and mind which is quite fantastic. You feel so good inside out that you don’t really care if you’re naked or not. In fact, you don’t really care if you look good in anything you wear because you feel good.

You will deal with stress better

Yoga has taught me a few life lessons. Building healthy habits help me to stay on track and be more in control of my life rather than life/stress/work controlling me. I do fall of the wagon once in a while but I do get back on it a lot quicker and preparing healthy food to feed my body calms me down. It’s the simple things like a freshly squeezed lemon in lukewarm water in the morning, having porridge for breakfast, drinking my 2 Lt of water…all these healthy habits that tell my body: “it’s ok, I’m going to look after you” and helped me to be centred and focused again.

You’ll enjoy clothes shopping again

You will feel happier

About life in general, about your life, more in love, more appreciative of everything, the small & big things.

You will lose weight

I put this at the end because while losing weight is often the end game for many of us, once you start making changes to your lifestyle, your well-being will improve so much that losing weight will become secondary and I think it’s a lot more positive to focus on our well-being over the long term than some short-term weight-loss.

What do you think? Did this help?


  1. Natasha says

    Thanks for posting this, it is really inspiring to hear the benefits of embracing a more positive lifestyle. Lots of small changes result in life changing benefits. What could be better than that?

  2. Lene Estvad Christoffersen says

    Very honest and inspiring post- again… Thanks for posting and so eloquently pinpointing the thoughts that may cause us to either not get started, fall off, feel guilty of hating someone’s happy posts as well as the sensational ones that let lyou know you’re on the right track.. I started last spring in a similar mode, adamant about changing certain habit and foremost to find my inner balance again… Yoga was my first benchmark and when i joined instagram and ‘fell over you found i ‘lending’ support and inspiration along this path…

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