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How are you all doing?

How are you all?

How are you all doing?

I see a lot of people struggling on Instagram, getting really stressed out and worrying about the Corona 19 and it breaks my heart.

Worried about it is understandable.
It’s a new situation for everyone to deal with.
Added to the unknown, the fear of getting infected comes the money issue.

A lot of people running small businesses like me will be affected. No-one knows how and when we will come out of the other side but I know we will.

Some may have not been affected by the economic downturn in 2008 but in terms of money worries, this was a big one to go through too.
Yet we all survived because times like us make us resilient, resourceful and proactive.

I don’t know if it’s because I went through 2008 hell and back but I’m not feeling worried this time around.
One of my biggest fears back then was to lose everything.

When I say lose everything, at the time, my mind was fully focused on material things like losing our house, salaries, comfort, not being able to pay the bills like it was the case for my business, etc.
Eventually, we made a few decisions that enabled us to keep our heads above the water until business started again.

Since these difficult times, my mind has switched to appreciate what we have and learn to live with the basics. So if we lose everything one day, then as long as we have each other, it will be fine.

It’s very much where I am at now. Steve, Mila, my mum, brother and sister, close friends are good. The three of us are together, lockdown, but together and that’s all it matters.

So if you’re struggling with the whole thing but feel like finding a few solutions to make things better, I invite you to read some of my old posts in the well-being section

And if you need anything, help, advice, please feel free to reach out. I will be more than happy again to share what helps me to deal with the current situation, or stress in general.


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