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How to use a paper bag as a planter

New-York print

Since I came back from Amsterdam last October, I have been keen to add large plants in our home to use them as design pieces.

I got the one above from Ikea six weeks ago and I’m glad to say it is still alive and looking very well. I love the tropical look of this plant. Some mornings, when the sun filters through the glass roof of the kitchen and the leaves cast a shade, I get the feeling that I’m in warm L.A. rather than in London in December.

I brought back home a few of these Be-Poles paper bags with the intent to cut them in half and use them as placemats for our Christmas party but in the end, I went for something more soothing and natural.

Since this bag is made of paper, the best thing to do is to add a plastic recipient within the bag so it doesn’t get soaked when you water your plant. It’s a great way to add modern, typography into your home and an affordable way to hide an ugly plastic pot.

// Photography & Styling: Karine Köng | All Rights Reserved | New-York print here


  1. I might be The queen of papers but you’re definitely The best Fou ever! Merci tellement pour ce billet qui me touche! J’aurais adoré découvrir tes “paper bags” sets de table! J’ai quelques uns de ces sacs dans mon bureau, je ne vais désormais plus les voir de la même manière, ;-)Merci Karine. Je t’embrasse

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