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How to create a beautiful, romantic dining area

Whether you are planning to stay in for Valentine’s Day* or are looking for Spring-inspired table settings, here are two dining areas that I find really pretty and romantic and which are fairly easy to re-create in your home.

Both rooms are really nice and calming but I have to say, although I’m usually an all white interiors person, I’m really drawn to the soft pink above. It is SO pretty, don’t you think?
It feels romantic but not over the top and it has a lovely, fresh, Scandi meets Parisian feel to it.
How to create a beautiful, romantic dining area

I also love the idea of the pink panel on the wall…a nice creative project to bear in mind to re-decorate a corner of your home or a teen bedroom if you don’t have time to do it for Valentine’s.
To achieve a similar look this, you can either fix a stretched canvas to the wall (like I did in our home in France) or paint a piece of MDF in soft pink. Both options are really affordable and easy to do.

Few things to bear in mind though…
– Aim to have two soft colours only: soft pink and white like above or soft pink and light grey
– Hide away anything else too colourful (see 3 visually inspiring storage solutions)
– Mix vintage and modern crockery but keep them in the same hues: off white, cream, pure white to bring balance to your table.
– If you don’t have a pretty linen tablecloth, use an old white sheet that has textures (I like buying old sheets from second-hand shops and dye them)
– Buy flowers that match your colour scheme like Lillies or pale pink roses
– Try to Make this super simple Valentine’s Day garland

Which room do you prefer?
If you missed it, there is a nice Valentine’s giveaway here

// 1. Styling: Pella Hedeby for Ikea, Photographer: Sara Medina Lind  2. Styling: Kim Timmerman



  1. Hi
    I love both of these too, what a great post. I am also loving the pinks around at the moment but it’s tricky getting the tone right isn’t it? It’s almost nude rather than pink. I just dyed some vintage linen sheets to cover my settees for a pop of colour but they’re a bit too pink. Any ideas where I can find some fab fabric dyes in better colours, the ones chez Leclerc are a bit limited!

  2. I absolutely love how these look, but I could never have an all white dining room myself. With my kids? Ha, that wouldn’t last a minute!

    Maybe when the kids are a bit older I can go for something this aesthetically pleasing :)

  3. KMP Furniture Blog says

    So pleasant to the eyes, people would enjoy sitting and dining here. The combination of chairs is very good too!

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