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How to do the 20 days lemon detox

How to do the 20 days lemon detox

Today is the change of season (hello Autumn!) so a few friends, my sister and I, are kicking off a 20-days lemon detox.
As I got a few questions on Instagram last night, I thought I would quickly explain it if you want to jump on the wagon and do it too.

Lemon detox at the change of season is recommended by Naturopaths and in Chinese medicine.

The benefits:

Doing a lemon detox is a great way to stimulate your immune system, cleanse your liver, heal your guts from candida albicans (yeast), clear your skin, get more energy, stronger hair, nails, etc… Basically, there is heaps of advantages in doing a lemon detox at the change of season.

While a lemon detox is not a detox to lose weight, you may lose a bit, providing you’re eating clean.

“One of my sister’s colleagues did it last year when Elodie mentioned it to her and she lost 4 kg in the process.”

I have never done a 20-days lemon detox before but I have been drinking a glass of freshly squeezed lemon with lukewarm water first thing in the morning for years, and providing I’m eating plenty of vegetables and fibers, I can tell you that it flushes things :-)

I will spare you the details but it does good to my system so I suspect drinking 10 lemons on day 10 and 11 will make things happen in the bowel department.

After a Summer indulging in good food, mojitos, ice creams and other goodies, it’s always a good thing to re-set our bodies and as some of you know, well-being is one thing I’m passionate about, especially when it means healing the body the natural way.

How does it work:

It’s pretty simple.
Day 1: 1 lemon, day 2: 2 lemons, day 3: 3 lemons up to Day 10 when you will be drinking 10 freaking lemons. Day 11, you drink another 10 lemons and then you go back down to 9, 8, 7, 6 until day 20: 1 lemon.

“Ideally, you want to have the first lemon juice first thing in the morning before eating anything”

It’s also pretty progressive.
You can drink your lemon juice throughout the day and you don’t have to drink everything in one go. Just make sure you drink your first one, first thing in the morning before eating anything as it will be more effective.

The recipe:

Each day, cut the required amount of lemons (i.e. day 4: 4 lemons, day 11: 10 lemons, day 12: 9 lemons) in 2 or 4 slices, add a glass of water and boil everything for 3 minutes.
From day 6 or 7, you can increase the number of glasses of water to 5 glasses to avoid the whole thing being too bitter.

With a fork, squeeze everything into the saucepan then drain everything while pouring it into a glass or a thermos flask

A thermos flask will be required probably from day 4 if you need to take your lemon juice to work. In fact up to day 4, the logistics is pretty easy as you can boil the lemons in the morning.

Come day 5 onwards, you will probably need a bit more time to then boil 5 to 10 lemons so you can do it in the evening. You will also need to work out how to take your lemon juice with you if you’re going to work, meeting travels, etc…Planning and logistics are key.

So day 1 is now done for me and unlike the usual lemon squeezed I drink in the morning, boiling the whole lemon (which I forgot to mention MUST BE ORGANIC!!), gives the drink a different, coarse taste.

I would also like to mention that it’s best to drink your lemon juice with a straw to avoid damaging the enamel of your teeth.

I think I’ve covered everything but if you have any questions please leave a comment! xoxo

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    • Hi Philippa,

      It’s a detox not a diet.
      You will find some lemons diet on the internet where you only drink lemons. I don’t think it’s healthy and of course you will lose weight and will put it back as quickly as you lost it.

      This one is a detox to do at the change of each season so the idea is to eat/drink things that will help to cleanse your body naturally (i.e. lots of water, green tea, lots of vegetables, proteins, etc).

      A bit of wine is fine I think. I had wine over the weekend as we had some friends around but the rest of the week, I eat clean and just drink water, lemon juice and green tea.
      I’m not a coffee drinker. It’s probably best to avoid it during the detox although my friend Catherine is still drinking a cup every morning during the detox.

      At the end of the day, you have to do what works for you and just by doing it, it will still be an improvement on what we normally eat/drink the rest of the year I think

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