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How to get things done this year without wasting another year

How to get things done this year without wasting another year. Read on >>>

How to get things done this year without wasting another year. Read on >>>How many times did you end the year thinking “Gee…I can’t believe how quickly this year went!”

How many times did you think about those famous “new resolutions” we come up with, each year and realised another year has gone by and you had either given up on them by March (if not early!) or even better, decided that you would stop making new resolutions so you would stop being disappointed with yourself. Disheartening isn’t it!? 

The other day, I translated this article for a French reader and thought, “yeah well done Ka”….I did all these positive changes, created new, healthy habits, I haven’t touched coke zero since I gave it up. I’m on week 4 of BBG 1.3. I haven’t stuffed my face with a whole pack of cookies in two years but I still fall off the wagon once in a while and most importantly, I haven’t lost those 10 flipping kilos I put on after getting pregnant and eating for 3.

Usually when I say something like this to people who don’t really know me, I get “you don’t need to lose 10 kilos” or “don’t be hard on yourself”. So I’m not being hard on myself (although 10 kg overweight means that I’m probably being hard on my body, my heart, my kidneys and my general well-being) but this is not the issue.

10 kg is just a number, it could be 2, 5 or 15 kilos, it doesn’t really matter. What does matter to me is that I’m starting the year with something that has been on my new year resolutions for years and that bugs me big time!
It could be anything!
For me, it’s a well-being thing but that could be that you have been 10 years in the same job you hate and you’re still writing on your new resolutions: get a new job!

Or you have been divorced for years and you wish you were again in happy, healthy relationships but you’re still single!

So I’m telling you…I’m not going through another year so that in 2017 I find myself writing the same goals again.
I’m seriously done with this sh**t and I’m not going to stop writing new resolutions as a cope out because I actually love writing new goals, think ahead, start fresh and re-invent myself. This is the year when you and I are going to make things happen, right!?


I did lots of things this month (including selling my business), featuring in a video for a social media campaign, wrote a lot of new content for the blog including these 8 fitness motivation tips, started a new fashion feature, freelance writing, posted some really nice house tours BUT I haven’t tried making a new video as I said I would, I haven’t sent my first Blog E-news yet (7 days left!).

I will send my E-news soon but first, you and I are going to write a lovely and inspiring list of things we want to do this year and that can be anything about your personal life or work! There is no limit to the sky.
Think of it as a happy, uplifting brainstorming where no-one says you can’t. You can and you will! This is your list. You can share it with me if you want in the comments below or keep it yourself. I just want you to think about all the things you could do, you would want to do if you could.

Once you’ve written this uplifting and inspiring bucket list then we will break it down in small, achievable steps. For instance, my goal is to lose 10 kg the healthy way which realistically, is going to take 4 to 6 months. Therefore, my monthly goal to achieve my end goal will be consistency: eat clean, work out regularly, carry on all my healthy habits, do the BBG 3 times/week etc, don’t get impatient and disheartened after 3 weeks etc.

I will post mine next week as an example but basically it will include things that I’m really passionate about this year: sticking to my fitness programme, having weekly date nights with Steve (which is something we’ve been trying to implement for years), supporting Mila in achieving good grades, making my new career path a success (without getting stressed out and comfort eating), spending time with my girlfriends and basically choosing life.

I want you to write is a list of all the things you’ve achieved in your life.
It can include finding your feet again after a painful divorce, overcoming your fear of flying, giving up smoking, learning how to bake, changing your habits for positive ones, walking to the office, feeling happy again after someone close to you passed away, deciding that depression is not a dead end, finding a new job after being made redundant, travelling the world, overcoming sickness, overcoming an addiction, changing your life.
It can also include little things like travelling to New-York for the first time, learning a new sport/language/skills and daily little things that don’t seem to be a big deal to anyone else but in fact, are a big deal to you (i.e. resisting that chocolate cake and have a banana instead if you have a sweet tooth).
We are all very good good at focusing on the things we can’t do and we excel at brushing off the things we’ve achieved.

This is a way to re-train your mind and acknowledge your successes not failures and I want 15 to 20 things on your list! :-)

I think being accountable is one of the most important thing. It never tastes nice to admit we didn’t do something we said we were committed to do so I’m putting it here in writing to be accountable and I really invite you to do the same. In fact, if you share your goals with me, what is stopping you or your concerns in the comment box then I will be able to come up with content that will boost you!

I wrote this on Friday, feeling like I was on fire and then woke up this morning wondering if I should post such a personal post…What would people who are not used to my writing and blog posts think?
I got over the latter because I have decided this is who I am, with all my faults, ups and downs and the constant desire to move forward. So take it or leave it but if you find this inspiring and you think it will motivate someone, then please share it.


  1. Thanks! Authentic, true and inspiring. Have had the same resolutions for as long as I can remember, a nice reminder that it is all still possible:)x

  2. I start the year with big plans and full of confidence that I can make them happen – and then for some stupid reason, I flounder and self-doubt overtakes me…
    I need to write these lists!!
    Thanks for writing so honestly and helpfully!!

  3. michelle says

    Great post Karine! and so true for most of us…heres to an amazing 2016! x

  4. Great post. Just what I needed! I’ll def send you through my list when I have made it x thanks for always being so inspiring

      • Haven’t forgotten about this! Have two poorly children at the moment, both needing lots of attention. So no chance to get any ‘headspace’. Keeping my fingers crossed for a chance this weekend. Thanks for making me feel accountable to someone other than myself!

  5. Hi Karine,
    I only just discovered you’re blog so that’s the very first post I’ve read (planning to venture further down shortly), but just wanted to say how much I enjoyed it.
    I usually write a list at the beginning of the year, but have had so many non-starters over the years that this year I didn’t do one; I just bought a new notebook and vowed to actually use it, and I bought one month membership to a yoga studio. I’m pretty chuffed with both those things, and though I have decided that maybe I don’t want to read Ulysses anyway (which was a 2012-14 resolution!) I am certainly thinking of making a ‘do this year’ and a ‘things I’ve achieved’ list.
    Can’t wait to read more of your blog!

    • Hi Emily

      Thank you so much for your comment and I’m so glad you found my blog. You made me laugh with your reference to reading Ulysses :-) I came across a list I had written in 2008 and so many of the things listed didn’t matter to me. I think it’s important we also let ourselves grow, evolve and found ourselves. Sometimes it takes a while before realising that the things we wanted a few years ago are not so important to the person we are now :-) Good luck with it!

  6. pff this is so nice to read, I’m not the only one with this problem! but how do I start with such a list … I find it hard to listen to my own feelings, might sound a little weird. I think too much … that’s the problem. but such a list would be good to get a clearer picture. Super nice to read this blog! Many thanks

    • I agree Atty, I think writing a list would help you to clarify things. I process a lot of my thoughts and emotions through writing and very often it helps me to see things clearer. Just start simply with bullet points, just keep writing…

  7. lorraine says

    Hi Karine

    love the post, thank you! It’s good to speak from the heart and sometimes get it out there, feel some what lighter! I to have made the same sort of list each year and been rubbish at keeping or achieving it. I love the monthly to do post, great to have goals within your reach. I’ve entered a 25 mile bike ride in March, so that is one of my goals to actually complete it! Thank you again, love visiting your blog.x

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  10. Hi Karine,
    What a nice post, but I must say you always have nice and inspiring posts, so please put that on your own achievements list as well, ’cause you really know how to write them! They’re open and personal, and that’s why they’re so nice to read. I always like to make lists in the beginning of the year, it’s fun and hopeful to do. And I’m gonna share your post with my friends, I think it’s fun to do this together, so we keep on being focussed throughout the year :-). x

    • Hi Meike

      Thank you very much. Your comment made me my day as yesterday a woman sent me a message via FB telling me that I should sort out my life and all my personal posts was making her cringe :-)

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