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How to hang a gallery wall the perfect way

How to hang a gallery wall the perfect way

How to hang a gallery wall the perfect wayI have a massive crush on this gallery wall and generally speaking, I think when you mix family photos and posters, a gallery wall can look really striking and incredibly gorgeous in your home.

However, if you feel intimated to put one together on your wall, let alone nailing or drilling a few nails correctly into a wall, here are some valuable tips to do it right.
You will need:

How to hang a gallery wall the perfect waySTEP 1: Decide on your layout and get inspiration

First you need to determine how your end gallery wall will look and what you like, what suits your style and your home. Do you like randomness or everything perfectly lined up? Do you want matching or mismatched frames? See, there is quite a few decisions to make before getting started…
I have pinned a few examples on Pinterest and put a few examples of small, medium and large gallery walls with posters (see more options here). I also recommend you frame your art and photos in picture frames first, this will help you to put together a beautiful composition.How to hang a gallery wall the perfect way

STEP 2: Lay out everything on the floor

The best way to visualise and try things out is by laying out all your framed pictures on the floor. Start with a large frame and build your gallery wall around, bearing in mind how much wall space you have to play with. If you’re not too sure of one composition, take a photo with your phone and make another one. Leave it for the night and go back to it the day after with a fresh eye.How to hang a gallery wall the perfect way

STEP 3: Create a mock up on the wall

Once you’re happy with your composition, cut some kraft paper to the size of all your framed pictures and position them on the wall with masking tape. Think about surrounding pieces of furniture. Is it high enough? Does it fill in your wall nicely? Does it look balanced?How to hang a gallery wall the perfect way

STEP 4: Hammer and hang

The beauty of this kraft  mock up is that it will really help to place the nail in the perfect spot. You can then hammer it directly and tear the kraft paper away afterwards. Please check what your wall is made of to make sure the picture frame doesn’t fall off at a later stage. For instance, if you have a plaster wall, you may need to use plastic plugs and a drill.

STEP 5: Have fun

This is the best part where your composition with your favourite photos and posters come together! Hang everything, step back et voilà! How to hang a gallery wall the perfect way

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  1. Great post! We just moved into a new flat and looking to add some prints. Love your blog! Thank you!

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