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How to hang picture frames without drilling into your wall

How to hang picture frames without drilling into your wall

Hanging pictures without drilling into your walls sounds like a dream, doesn’t it!?

Discovering that Command Brand had products that enabled me to hang picture frames without damaging our home in London after the renovations, was a major thing

For months, I couldn’t bring myself to make a hole in our newly painted white walls…

In our bedroom, I just used black masking tape to fix a few photos on the wall and left the picture frame on the floor.

A look that didn’t bother me since I felt our home looked “kind of creative” that way and it suited my style anyway.

In our lounge, things were a bit different.
We had a lot more picture frames on the floor and our lounge started to look like an art gallery a few days before the opening of an exhibition.

To be honest, It’s a look I love and I’m happy to live with it, but Steve wasn’t over the moon…

In the loft conversion, I couldn’t commit to drilling a hole in our painted walls either.
Picture frame on a stool!? Yeah OK, that wasn’t my best idea…

So when I discovered the Command Brand picture hanging strips during a styling workshop, it was a major lightbulb moment!How to hang picture frames without drilling into your wall

For the past two years, Command Brand has been working with a few UK Bloggers to be their Brand Ambassadors.
If you have children at Uni, you can see here a lot of great ideas the girls have come up with, to decorate a student room.

This year, I was very lucky to be asked to join the crew as a Brand Ambassador and spend a day in an amazing mansion in Berkshire.

In the morning, we learnt about Command Brand‘s range of products and how to use their different products.
In the afternoon, we styled two shots which were then, photographed by a professional Photographer.

Mine was a wall display (see above & below) and a Christmas one to hang decorations without damaging your walls.

I knew of Command Brand, which is part of 3M, before becoming their Brand Ambassador but, to be honest, I had never used their products before.

Nowadays is a totally different story.
I don’t do any styling without using something from their range.

Most often, I will use the picture hanging strips.

For Mila’s desk area makeover, I used the picture hanging strips to create a gallery wall and these clear hooks to hang the LOVE sign on the wall below.How to hang picture frames without drilling into your wall

How did I fix the LOVE sign on the wall:
I didn’t take pictures of the LOVE sign before switching it on during the styling workshop and we can’t really see where the hooks are.
So here is another pic I took today showing what the LOVE looks like switched off.

To fix the sign on the wall, I use Command Brand small clear plastic hooks. I balance the top of L, O and E to keep the sign straight and onto the wall. I edited the power cable in Photoshop.

Command Brand has also some great clear ceiling hooks if you want to decorate your home for a birthday party and hang paper balls from the ceiling.
I used those for my Christmas styling.

Their products are incredibly easy to use. Follow the instructions and you will not damage your walls when you peel out the sticky strip.

For me, this was a major upside!

The Command Brand products are available from most DIY stores, supermarkets like Sainsbury’s and Tesco.
I ordered mine from Amazon.

Let me know if you have any questions xoxo

PS: I bought the LOVE sign at an independent Designer exhibiting at a small fair in Paris. For more info about the light, please contact @maginthecity on Instagram. I believe they can make any words you want.

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  1. Can you add a picture of the love sign up close? I can’t really understand how it is made, nor which of the Command hooks were used

  2. Caroline says

    My goodness this is amazing… Do you know that in the past week you have found me somewhere to stay for our holiday, I’ve bought a jumper you’ve suggested, and now you’ve shown me a solution to all the frames that I too have leaning against my walls. You’re like my personal assistant 😂

  3. tofarch says

    Thanks for this helpful information I agree with all points you have given to us. I will follow all of them.

  4. Amazing, I did a picture wall in my loungeroom (including drilling). The wall originally had a tv and a rectangle fireplace so adding a lot more square and rectangle pictures really worked for the whole wall. Wish I’d known about the Command Hooks but I dont’ care it looks fabulous.

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  7. Rashmi says

    The frames have to be light? I can’t hang heavy picture frames… like a Tanjore painting etc. or can I?
    Also this doesn’t seem long term…
    Do let me know…

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