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How to host a fab, stress-free, fun party at home

Party time! Honeycomb paper balls. For more inspiration, go to

How to host a fab, stress-free, fun party at homeIsn’t this photo so incredibly uplifting? 
The styling is a-ma-zing and just looking at it makes me feel happy. Honeycomb paper balls and pom poms, are such an inexpensive way to create a party with a WOW factor.
If you are planning a party, a birthday or an anniversary at home, here is 15 tips to create a stress-free party.How to host a fab, stress-free, fun party at homeHow to host a fab, stress-free, fun party at home

  1. Plan ahead. Doing this at the last minute will be stressful, not fun and expensive as you’ll end up buying things last minute that you could have done yourself for 1/3 of the costs (talking from experience here!).
  2. Work out a menu that can be prepared in advance or a buffet so guests can help themselves and you don’t end up stuck in the kitchen while everyone is having fun.
  3. If you tend to organise parties where kids are allowed like chez nous, get a large pack of marshmallows to put on stick on the BBQ. Kids usually love it.
  4. Remember to make or buy enough ice, alcohol and soft drinks and keep the receipts so you can always take them back if you got far too much.
  5. Fill in one of these drink dispensers with Pimm’s, homemade lemonade, mojitos or mulled wine, Not only they look fab but they will make your job easier.
  6. Make room for your guests’ coats by the entrance or even better, use one of these clothes rails with sufficient hangers.
  7. Don’t even think about doing the dishes while the party is going on! There is a time for everything and you really need to make sure you enjoy yourself, clearing up can be done later that night or the next morning.
  8. Don’t worry about serving pre-made, store bought items or even take-out food. Guests won’t mind and if they do… you need to get new nice friends hahahah. Seriously, the only thing they will care about is everyone having a good time.
  9. Think about rearranging furniture so people have places to sit. Put extra chairs and bar stools to add more seating.
  10. Pick a theme and put together your iPod playlist to compliment the theme.
  11. Let guests mark their beverages. I have yet to find wine glass charms that don’t look naff but if you’re using disposable glasses, a Sharpie pen will do.
  12. If there are kids are the party, think of activities to keep them busy.
  13. Over 10 people, consider paper plates, napkins.This will make clean up so much easier.
  14. Digital invites are the way to go and you can do something really cool on Photoshop but otherwise you’ll find 101 pretty free printables here.
  15. Place a few bins and plastics containers to recycle glass bottles and beer cans strategically so guests dispose of their paper plates. This will reduce your workload once the party is over.I hope you found a few of these tips useful.

Do you have any tips yourself?

// Photography: Oliver Gordon Styling: Emma Morton-Turner



  1. OMG this is the most gorgeous thing Ive seen in a while…So wish it was my home

  2. Cynthia says

    For your year-round word: YES

    I bought a slew of white and blush honeycomb balls in three sizes and will amass them on my mantle to (hopefully) resemble snowballs!

  3. Amanda says

    Hi Karine
    I have been following your blog for ages now (from NZ) and really love your style. How about “Joy” for your word? It’s festive but also relevant all year around for any happy occasion.

  4. Thank you Amanda. Being married to a kiwi and having a freewi, I have a very special connection with New-Zealand. Such a beautiful country and nice people. I love your suggestion. JOY is a really nice, uplifting word :-)

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