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Our family weekend at the Futuroscope

How to make the most of the FUTUROSCOPE

How to make the most of your visit to the FUTUROSCOPELast week, we spent two great days at the Futuroscope.

I had heard about this futuristic, multimedia and cinematographic themed park since my days at Uni (the 30th Anniversary is in 2017), but somehow, never really made it.
However, Mila was really eager to go so between our return from Hossegor and our trip to Paris, we headed to Poitiers to squeeze the last drop of our Summer holidays before back to school!

In hindsight, I’m glad we went there the last weekend of August because it was busy but not as much as it would have been a few days before.
We arrived at 12noon and started with two attractions near the entrance before heading for lunch on the other side of the park: The Time Machine with the raving rabbids which was very funny and entertaining (we did it again the following day) and La Vienne Dynamique which was a great feature film about the region. Mila bumped into Guerliguet, the vegetal character from the movie the next day!How to make the most of the FUTUROSCOPEAfter lunch, we did Ice Age in 4D (great fun), Studio 16: Le Petit Prince (Steve and I both fell asleep) and Journey into the Dark which is a 20 minutes experience in total darkness to get you to see the world though the eyes of blind people. We were led by a very entertaining blind guide and it was good fun. This attraction is charged extra but all the proceeds go to a charity for blind people.How to make the most of the FUTUROSCOPEWe then went to the Aerobar and had a drink at 35m high from the ground (see above). The ride up was very gentle, smooth and felt totally secure but I didn’t spend a lot of time looking down except for quickly taking the pictures below from the top.How to make the most of the FUTUROSCOPEHow to make the most of the FUTUROSCOPEOnce refreshed, we went to see Arthur, Dance with Robots which was probably the girls’ favourite attraction as they did it again twice the day after. Personally I really enjoyed the music from Martin Solveig which I shared at the time on Instagram stories and then, we finished by Le Monde des Enfants (a series of outdoor attractions where the children need to use body strength), les vélos sur l’eau et Dynamic.How to make the most of the FUTUROSCOPEHow to make the most of the FUTUROSCOPEWe then headed back to our hotel which was conveniently located within 10 minutes of the Futuroscope and I can’t tell you how much the girls appreciated the pool!

After dining at the hotel, Steve took the girls back to see the night show which they all really enjoyed (I was dead!) and I took them back next morning at 9am to re-do their most favourite attractions while Steve was watching the rugby game in our room.How to make the most of the FUTUROSCOPE

5 tips to make the most of your visit at the Futuroscope:

  • Aim to stay 2 days and 1 night to try out all the attractions and re-do the ones you really enjoyed. If you’re driving back from the south of France, the Futuroscope can be the perfect stopover on your way back home.
  • There is no supermarkets on site to grab affordable, convenient food (only restaurants and coffee shops) so if you’re on a budget, aim to prepare sandwiches for the first day
  • Get there by 9am to enjoy the themed park minus the crowd. It starts getting really busy from 11am onward
  • Optimise your visit by downloading the app of the Futuroscope
  • In Summer time, I can’t recommend enough to book an hotel with a pool. We stayed in the privilege suite for 4 people (room 125) in the Alteora Hotel, which was spacious and nicely decorated (it’s the nicest one on their website).


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