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How to redecorate a teen’s bedroom on a budget

How to redecorate a teen's bedroom on a budget

If you’ve missed my stories on Instagram on Friday, I was explaining that a friend of mine is giving Mila maths lessons every Friday while I’m doing conversational English with his thirteen years old.

Victoire is a good student and her English level is good so we had great fun talking about her recent family holidays in Corsica, the sports she does, boyfriend, movies and we came to the subject of things she wanted to change in her bedroom.

As we covered quite a lot of topics, I suggested to her that for our next lesson, I do her mood board to re-decorate her room and we spend some time on Pinterest to find inspiration.

As soon as I say this, her face lit up and clearly, she was super excited by the idea :-)

So here is the mood board I did for her…

Victoire’s bedroom:
Her room is in her modern house. Her walls are painted white except the one behind her bed which is mauve. She had a lot of knick-knack in fuschia or what I called Barbie pink (not a good thing in my book) including a Hello Kitty paper bin from when she was 8 years old.

She was also using her little sister’s blackboard to do her school work.

Her requirements:
Victoire was keen to keep having pink in her room but a more grown-up look and more picture frames on the wall like we did in Mila’s bedroom.

Since it was just a mock-up and I wasn’t sure her parents were keen to re-decorate her room just now, I gave her a few tips to get things moving in the right direction.

First, I show her how she could tidy her desk that was covered with lots of useless things in various colours.

  • Store school supplies in her desk’s drawer,
  • find a pot to store her pen in hues of soft pink or pale grey. For instance, she could ask her mum who loves tea, to buy this Kusmi tea in a large size and then use the box on her desk once empty.
  • Paint her old Hello Kitty metal bin in white
  • Pin her school’s planner (and anything else practical but not inspiring to look at)  behind her door and keep the wall she is facing when sitting at her desk to create an inspiring mood board (see below).
  • Hang a large, plain art canvas on the wall to create the mood board and paint the canvas in pale pink. That way, if she wants a different atmosphere in her room in a few years, it’s an easy change to make rather than painting the walls
  • Head to my Pink & Nude board and Words board on Pinterest and start printing inspiring images to create her mood board.
  • Get her parents to buy a white writing board to hung on the back of her door and get rid of her sister’s kiddie board.

How to redecorate a teen's bedroom on a budget

Then we looked at her bed’s area…

She had a white bed with patterned bed linen, a white bedside table, a blue light and removable stickers on her wall.

Here again, not knowing whether her parents would be on board for a makeover, I kept things simple.

  • If the wall in mauve cannot be re-painted in white, remove at least the wall stickers,
  • Replace her blue light with a white one if possible. As it turned out, she had the white Fatboy Edison light in the house so that was perfect,
  •  Stick to plain bed linens in hues of pale pink, pale grey and white (I like this stonewashed linen collection but plain cotton linen will do). Three colours that will go nicely together while giving her room, her more young adult feel,
  • Hang a few B&W pictures of her friends by her wall, preferably smiling people so that the photos can uplift her spirit the days she feels a bit down.

And that’s about it…
How to redecorate a teen's bedroom on a budget

At the end of our lesson, we showed the mood board to her mum who was completely on board and offered to re-paint Victoire’s walls in white during the Summer holidays!

So I hope this shows you how you can change the look of your child’ room by changing a few things and that it doesn’t have to cost the earth or involves buying a lot of things.

Sometimes taking things from one room to use them in another is all we need.
Wishing you a lovely and inspiring week xoxo



  1. Annelies says

    What an amazing moodboard, really looks amazing and so loving the colors. I find it difficult to find good idea’s for a room for a girl a little bit older, bit this really helped giving me some idea’s. Thank you.

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