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How to sleep better at night

How to sleep better at night with EVE Mattress

I have been dreaming about getting a new mattress to sleep better since Steve and I stayed in the Hilton hotel in Cyprus three years ago.

The day after we arrived, I got food poisoning and spent three days in bed instead of lounging by the pool. This wasn’t exactly my idea of our weekend away. However, one thing I noticed, spending so much in bed, was how comfortable the mattress in our hotel room was.

Buying a new mattress is one of those decisions that can take time. Realistically speaking, it’s an expensive purchase if you aim to get a good quality mattress that will last you for years.
It’s a financial investment but it’s also an investment in your health and well-being.

It has taken me three years since our stay in Cyprus to find the right mattress and now that I finally sleep well on our new Eve mattress, I really wish we had got one earlier.

So what has changed since getting a new mattress?

Back in 2012, we were sleeping on  Steve’s old Tempur mattress, which is supposed to be a good brand for memory-foam mattresses. Steve loved his mattress but it never really worked for me.

I always found that I was sinking too much, which was uncomfortable for me and sometimes painful. At the time, my sleep pattern wasn’t great either.
I was waking up inevitably at 5 or 6 am every morning. Call it early insomnia but it was a pain to deal with and some days, it left me really tired when I should owe to concentrate on work stuff.

So I was either trying to stay still until the alarm went off at 7.30am which was awfully boring and felt like a waste of time when I know I could deal with a few emails or I would try to leave the room without making any noise.
Either way, it seemed that I wasn’t still or quiet enough (how surprising hey!? :-) No matter how careful I was, Steve would always wake up and get grumpy with me at breakfast.

If I could have teleported myself out of the room at the speed of light like a Ninja, I would have.

It’s an issue that may seem trivial for those who are heavy sleepers but Steve is a light sleeper (we both are) and having a demanding job too, the lack of sleep was a big issue. On a good day, he would just get grumpy in the morning, on a bad day, we would have an argument because he was getting annoyed at me for something I wasn’t doing on purpose. Gosh, I’m glad those days are behind us. How to sleep better at night with EVE Mattress How to sleep better at night with EVE Mattress

So how is our new mattress?

Besides being used as a trampoline by Mila, it’s fantastic and I sleep a lot better.
I no longer have this sinking feeling that I was getting on Steve’s memory foam mattress. The Eve mattress is also a memory foam mattress but it has three layers of foam that softly support your body and keep the pressure off.
It is not something that I noticed straight away because I guess, my body needed to get used to our new mattress but I now wake up naturally at 7 am.

The other thing I noticed last week when Steve was at home, was that I could actually get up and leave the room without waking him up. This was a major achievement!! How to sleep better at night with EVE MattressHow to sleep better at night with EVE MattressHow to sleep better at night with EVE Mattress

The bed came delivered in a compact box. 

I was advised to air it for a few days before using it. So I took it out of the box in the lounge rather than in our bedroom on the first floor. This was a big mistake!

While it’s a fantastic mattress, the Super King Size mattress we ordered is a big mama of a mattress and quite heavy to move around, let alone to take to the next floor. So my advice to you is to really air it in the room you are going to use it.

Eve Mattress is a company that only sells online which enables them to produce premium quality price at a third of the price. They believe so much in the quality of their products that you can try your mattress for 100 days. If you’re not happy, you can return it and get a full refund so it’s a no-brainer.

I think I’ve covered everything but if you have any questions, leave a comment. Hope this helps!

This article is posted in partnership with Eve Mattress and contains affiliates links.


  1. Izzy says

    I’m also looking into purchasing an eve mattress they look so comfy. Thanks for your post and positive review, gorgeous photos too. Can I ask if you had any trouble with fitted sheets? The eve is a good couple of inches thicker than my current mattress I’m wondering if I need to get new sheets too.
    Many thanks Izzy :)

  2. Hi Izzy
    No actually I didn’t. I had ordered one of the linen fitted sheets we sell on to fit the King Size mattress and its perfect.
    We don’t have them in stock but I can order one for you if you want linens.

    If you are Ok with cotton fitted sheets, before I was using these fitted sheets for our Tempur mattress:

    In fact as I put the Eve Mattress on top of our Tempur, I used one of the cotton fitted sheet to hide the old mattress.

  3. Biba says

    Bonjour Karine.
    J’aime bcp Le jaune du matelas mais ca n’irait pas dans notre chambre. Est-il possible de le couvrir?

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  5. Kate says

    Eve mattress seems to be incredibly comfortable, but personally I believe that sofa beds are brilliant solution when it comes to creating the interior: practical and good looking :)
    Lovely photos and articles!

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