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How to style your dining table for Easter

How to style your dining table for Easter

I’ve never really decorated a table for Easter before but then I saw these eggs in a vase on Pinterest and it inspired me to make my own ‘pastel’ version with left-over paint I had and use my beautiful tableware designed by Sophie Conran for Portmeirion.

It was really easy to do and turned out to be very pretty too so I’m really pleased with the whole look of our Easter table. I also put together a super easy family menu which you will have no problem replicating.

Since I’m on my 5th week of #Iquitsugar (refined sugars) and I’m foodie at heart, it’s important I treat myself to food that feels hearty and tasty and I absolutely loved this “entrée” which I served on Sophie Conran for Portmeirion bistro plates.How to style your dining table for EasterA couple of tips for you…Cooking your asparagus with a spoon of baking soda will keep them green and the best way to make poached eggs is to add white vinegar to your boiling water, stir it to make a well and drop the egg in the middle. The vinegar will keep the white together.

I really love the look of this casserole dish and rather than making a stew, I heated some organic vegetable soup bought from the supermarket and added some fresh coriander leaves. It looked the part and it was delicious and healthy!
How to style your dining table for Easter

Fresh pasta is Mila’s favourite so I made a batch served in this beautiful Sophie Conran for Portmeirion large oval dish and added some parmesan & mozzarella.I also served a green salad on the side in this pretty round dish by Sophie Conran for Portmeirion.How to style your dining table for EasterHow to style your dining table for Easter

A couple of weeks ago, my best friend invited us for dinner. Being the good friend she is, she cooked an entire meal without added sugar and this amazingly delicious apple tart was a major hit so we’ve done it a couple of times since then. It has nothing else than gluten-free pastry and apple slices in it and there is no need to add anything else. It is just perfect and delicious as it is and you can serve it on this Sophie Conran for Portmeirion large 11 inches dining plate.How to style your dining table for EasterHow to style your dining table for Easter

To keep it fun for Mila, I made some fresh lemonade served in these generous in size Balloon High Ball glasses and served some small meringues for anyone who was still hungry after this meal.How to style your dining table for EasterHow to style your dining table for EasterHow to style your dining table for Easter

Painting eggs is super easy. Most people will hard boil the eggs, I prefer emptying them to use the yolks for an omelette or a cake. However, if you don’t want to find yourself with 8 or 12 egg yolks to cook in one evening, aim to make a first batch a few days before.

  • Using a sharp knife, pierce carefully the large end of the egg (about 0.5cm wide)
  • Then shake the egg to get the yolk out into a bowl. If you’re struggling to get it out, you can also pierce the small end of the egg and insert a pin to break the yolk.
  • Once the egg is empty, rinse it under running water and let it dry for a couple of hours
  • When it’s dry, insert the handle of a big spoon into the egg so you can paint it around without painting your fingers and leave the spoon in a bowl for the paint to dry.

How to style your dining table for EasterEt voilà!

A delicious family meal for you to make, served in Sophie Conran for Portmeirion tableware which is both beautiful and practical. Each piece is dishwasher, microwave, freezer and oven safe and at the same time looks stunning on the table so it’s the perfect set to have at home.

Photography: François Köng, Styling: Karine Köng | Posted in partnership with Portmeirion; all views my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that help support BODIE and FOU


  1. Kat W says

    Your styling looks absolutely gorgeous, simple, modern, fresh and pure. Perfectly imperfect!

  2. Ellenor Davis says

    Beautifully ordered table with delicious looking food. Perfect ! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Deejos Interiors says

    I really loved the APPLE TART. It was indeed Lip Smacking seeing the way you presented it :)

  4. Kike Tarimas Sinteticas says

    I really love these dishes. All the time I can find here really great stuff to decorate and cook. Great blog. Congratulations!

  5. Amazing and mouth watering food pictures Karine. What an incredible setup of your dining table for Easter. I loved your starter dish with the poached eggs and avocado. And that apple tart, I am speechless.

    Thank you for sharing!

    • Thanks Elizabeth! Funnily enough, I made the starting dish again today for lunch. Easter was a full on meal but this dish feels like brunch and you should really try that apple tart without added sugar. It makes you wonder why we put so much sugar in the first place. Have a great weekend

      • Thank you I will. In my household we are also trying to cut down the sugar intake. We are using sugar substitutes like dates for my chocolate brownies with 80% cocoa, they taste different but my family is starting to like it . You too have a great weekend! :).

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