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How to tell your Airbnb guests about the toilet?

How to tell your Airbnb guests about WC with a bit of humour. Read on www.karinecandicekong.com

How to tell your Airbnb guests about WC with a bit of humour. Read on www.karinecandicekong.comI know… the last thing you were expecting me to write about was toilet but bear with me :-)
I’m off to Paris next week to attend the Airbnb conference where I will be part of the Expert panel to share tips and advices on how to style your home, promote it via social media and get positive reviews.

As a host, it is very important for me that my guests feel at home and I find it extremely rewarding when they tell me they found the house very pleasant, nicely decorated or that they could feel the happy vibes in the house but while your guests are enjoying their stay, there is a fair amount of preparation ahead or in the background to make sure things are running smoothly. 

Last Summer, this house ran smoothly until mid-August when the toilet got blocked. We immediately called the plumber, got the issue fixed and paid 225 euros. The Belgian family checked out, a lovely Spanish family checked in and the same issue happened: the Plumber comes back, bang another 193 euros! We got through mid-October without any issue but the same issue happened. This time, I called a different Plumber who unearthed the pipes, changed the toilet and replaced the faulty pipes and fixed everything for good at the cost of 743 euros. Total cost: 1161 euros!

The plumber found nappies and toilets rolls in the pipe!! I’m not sure what on earth prompted some people to flush everything down but given how expensive plumbery is to fixed, here is how to tell your guests how to not throw anything in the toilets with a bit of humour, style and creativity :-))


  1. Holy smokes Karine, that’s cray cray! PS… this is Lynne here (treehouse gal with the lifestyle blog)

    We rent our treehouse on AirBnB too. So fab that you are going to the conference! I’m jelly jealous!

    I LOVE YOUR SIGN! Is it okay with you, if I print it for the treehouse laTREEn? Sooooooo beautiful !

    PS. Maybe some day you would like to swap our AirBnB locations? We are in Canada. How fun would that be? You would have full access to our home too.

    Big love and happiness!!!
    Design The Life You Want To Live

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