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How to update your old sofa without buying a new one

Design updates in our home in France. Read on

Design updates in our home in France. Read on www.karinecandicekong.comHave you ever looked at your old sofa and thought…“argh you ugly thing I can’t stand you anymore!” ? Well it was pretty much how I felt about our old sofa in our holiday home in France. We bought it eight years ago and while it is still very comfy and serves a perfect purpose for our home that has often two or three families and lots of kids hanging out, in the past two or three years I had grown really tired of its sight…

I attempted several times to change its look by covering it with a white sheet, adding some blue cushions to give it a Summer vibe and even trying half-hearted to convince Steve that we needed to buy one but really, we didn’t need a new sofa, we needed a new cover and here comes Bemz which I mentioned here.Design updates in our home in France. Read on www.karinecandicekong.comBemz is a company that makes new covers for any pieces of furniture from Ikea, which I think is such a smart concept! So I ordered the Espresso Brero linen by Designers Guild which is very beautiful and stylish and I couldn’t be happier. This has completely changed and modernised the look of the room. Design updates in our home in France. Read on www.karinecandicekong.comSince François took these photos, I moved things around again and replaced the Meow print by You Are Loved and I’m planning a few more changes around the house over the next few weeks so if you are staying in our home this Summer, you will find things have changed again :-)

If you need a new cover for your Ikea sofa, give Bemz a go. They are moving warehouse and have covers at 50% OFF. Have a great Sunday xoxo


  1. Moi aussi j’ai commandé des housses chez Bemz, cela m’a permis de rafraîchir mon canapé … dans un premier tps seulement … parce que dès le premier lavage à 30 degrés, la housse a rétréci et à été impossible à enfiler … et malgré divers mails, je n’ai eu aucune réponse de leur part … alors je suis plutôt mitigée, pourtant, je trouve que c’est un super concept ! Peut-être que je n’ai pas eu de chance sur le choix du tissu …

  2. Ah mince!! C’est pas très cool :-( Je ne les ai pas encore lavé puisqu’elles sont toutes neuves mais je vais vérifier cela avec eux parce que franchement j’aurais les boules si il m’arrivait le même truc avec les miennes :-(

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