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Our Tadelakt bathroom

Our Tadelakt bathroom | Renovations. Interior Design Project by Karine Candice Kong Read on

Doing a Tadelkat bathroom was a long dream of mine and it is now one of the projects I most proud of, out of all the things we achieved with our house renovations.

You may have seen already our loft conversion, the new kitchen and the resin floor that many of you were interested in.

Tadelakt is a material I have been wanted to use for years. It looks and feels like polished concrete and the results achieved with our Tadelakt bathroom really exceeded my expectations.

What is Tadelakt?

If you’re not familiar with this material, Tadelakt is a unique waterproof plaster finish originally from ancient Morocco.
It was initially used by the Berbers to waterproof earthen cisterns for the hygienic storage of drinking water. Later on, it was used to decorate exterior façades, manufacture small drinking vessels.
If you’ve been to Morocco, you’ve probably seen it in public bathing houses and bathrooms.

The thing I love the most about Tadelakt is, how smooth it feels.

While we used gorgeous grey tiles from Castelnau Tiles in the new loft conversion, I was eager to try something different to achieve a clean, contemporary look with our master bathroom.Our Tadelakt bathroom | Renovations. Interior Design Project by Karine Candice Kong Following your feedback on Instagram, I have put a few details but if you have any questions, just leave a comment and I will try to answer them.

How much does it cost? 

At the time of our bathroom renovation, we paid £125 per sqm.

What are the advantages of using Tadelakt? 

I love how seamless it looks and brings unity from one room to another. We only used it in our bathroom but should we tackle another renovation project, I would love to use it in the living room or kitchen for instance as its waterproof. If you are after a clean, contemporary look like our bathroom, Tadelakt is great because there are no grout lines, and its smooth surface is resistant to mould. The seamless application allows bespoke waterproof features (like built-in shelves) to be created while maintaining a timeless appeal.

What are the drawbacks?

Tadelakt can be used on floors as well but is only recommended for use in areas where hard shoes will not be worn because the surface can be scratched by grit and small stones (we put a resin floor in our bathroom and throughout the ground floor). It should also be used on sturdy structures with little give to best support the application of the product. Otherwise, large fissures can develop.

What colours can you achieve on the walls?

The product can be coloured with natural earth pigments or with synthetic pigments to offer a broader range of choices. The surface is polished to a shiny finish, with a slight variation in colour. Due to its unique composition, Tadelakt will develop both a patina and very fine cracks with time, which goes with the look.Our Tadelakt bathroom | Renovations. Interior Design Project by Karine Candice Kong What type of preparation do we need before applying Tadelakt?

In the past, Tadelakt was commonly applied to solid, absorbent structures such as earthen, lime, or cement walls. Tadelakt is now frequently applied to a variety of surfaces including well-framed wood, brick, and cement block. It should be used on sturdy structures with little give to best support the application of the product. We put waterproof plasterboards on our walls.

How to care for it once the walls are done?

This lime plaster is made waterproof through both its inherent properties and its application technique. The olive oil soap that is rubbed into the surface of the product chemically reacts with the lime to form calcium stearate. This results in a surface that is both water and scratch resistant as well as hard and durable.
Tadelakt not only offers a beautiful finish, but it also helps to provide a healthy living environment. The waterproof plaster can be cleaned with water alone, as it is coated with a soap solution to seal it. Regular recoating with soap solution ensures that the Tadelakt stays in excellent condition for years to come. The smooth surface also resists dirt and mould, making for a cleaner, low maintenance area.

What about if it cracks afterwards?

Tadelakt might develop both a patina and very fine cracks with time. This only serves to add to the exotic appeal of this ancient finish…Think “Imperfect makes perfection”
We finished the bathroom in December and I only noticed one crack on our walls but I still have no regret and I would do it again.

Who can apply Tadelakt?

Ha! Yes, you can give it a go but I feel it’s a specialized job. Personally, I would only use a Specialist to ensure a good end result. We worked with Valentin from Tadelakt London which I initially found on Google but I highly recommend him because he has done an amazing job and I love our bathroom.Our Tadelakt bathroom | Renovations. Interior Design Project by Karine Candice Kong Read on

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  1. Isabelle ADAM says

    Tout d’abord bravo pour votre goût exquis, privilégiant la lumière et les belles matières. J’habite en France et je souhaite refaire les sols de mes pièces de vie et de ma salle de bains en résine.
    Je voulais donc savoir si vous aviez fait réaliser la résine au sol par une entreprise ou vous-même, et quelle marque et coloris ont été utilisés (j’espère les trouver en France). Merci infiniment pour votre réponse Karine (et quelle jolie fille vous avez !).

    • Bonjour Isabelle

      Nous avons fait appel à une entreprise pour poser le sol en résine et bien que nous soyons habitué au bricolage, ce n’est pas un truc que je m’amuserais à poser moi-même. La résine se pose comme un sol en béton donc il a fallu que nous soyons hors de la maison pendant une semaine. Le sol a du être mis à niveau sans défaut et la résine a été coulée couche après couche donc c’est vraiment un travail de professionnel pour avoir un bon résultat

      • bonjour Isabelle, Karine je m’incruste… juste pour préciser a Isabelle qu’en effet la pose de sol béton/résine et les tadelakt seront plus résistants si posés par un pro… et il y a 2 fabricants français qui disposent d’un réseau de poseurs agréés et qualifiés en France : MERCADIER et MARIUS AULENTI…
        A LaMaisonPernoise nous travaillons avec MERCADIER, les produits sont vraiment bien et il y a un vaste choix de couleurs!
        Bon chantier Isabelle !!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing, do you mind letting me know where your wash hand basin and bath is from.

    Many thanks

  3. Lene Estvad Christoffersen says

    This is incredibly beautiful.. I had a friend who used it for all bathrooms in her french/ italian house.. Adding vety dramattic pigment ogf color.. I loved the txture but found colors too loud for this nordic soul but your tone here is gorgeous.. Another job weldone:/)

  4. Lene Estvad Christoffersen says

    Oops. On train sorry for spelling ‘misteaks’:-)

  5. Magnifique vraiment… on sent le SOFT de la matière… bravo… et hate de voir la prochaine réalisation du genre… plus au Sud de London peut être?

  6. Stephanie Bell says

    This is such an incredible look for a bathroom, I love how clean and simple it is. You bath and sink look amazing too.

  7. i just love your bath!! you make an amazing job! may I ask you where is the mirror from .. many thanks

  8. shane painter says

    When I first looked at this bathroom, I was intrigued as to the lack of paint, something one does not see in every bathroom, then again, I am a painter but the more I look at the style and what the designer was looking to accomplish, I guess it makes me look at it in a new perspective. Very nice indeed, I particularly love the sink tbh.

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  10. Mr walsh says

    Its a nice grey wall, but please dont get this mixed up with Moroccan tadelakt… valentin from Tadelakt London, uses tadelakt from “stucco Italiano”. He did a job for me years ago and it had to be scraped off the wall as the client saw the Italian tubs. Moroccan tadelakt does not exist in the Uk, just cheap european imposters.

    Ask Valentin where he gets it from. He still buys from Aron @ Stucco italiano in Northern ireland. Oh dear !

    • Hi
      I’m not sure it really matters. I absolutely love the finish of our bathroom and I think Valentin did a fantastic job in our house so personally I really don’t care if the tadelakt is Moroccan or Italian. All I care is how it looks and it’s just stunning and I will defo work with Valentin again should I design another bathroom with tadelakt walls. Thanks Karine

  11. Hi, love the bathroom – we are about to try something similar, however I’m wondering what sealant to use as like you the bath will be against the Tadelakt. What have you used there? i’m worried that using a silicone sealant will be detrimental to the Tadelakt.

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  13. Lucine says

    Bonjour Isabelle,
    Combien vous a coûté la pose du Tadelakt (en plus de l’achat du matériel à 125 pounds le m2)?

  14. Rachael says

    Hi, I love tadelakt simplicity. I am trying to decide between tadelakt or tile for my upcoming bathroom renovation. I am curious what the re-sale value of home are or what the return on investment is for tadelakt showers?

    Are buyers turned on or off to the tadelakt?

  15. Hi. I love the bathroom & basin. Where did you purchase the basin from. Well done on such a lovely bathroom! Chris

    • Hi Chris,

      The bathroom & basin are designed by Antonio Lupi. However, I wouldn’t recommend the company we got them from (called 23 degrees) because their customer service is pretty poor

  16. Jonny Jonny says

    HI there, We’ve just tadelakted our own bathroom. We have a plastic bath, which we’ve tadelakted right up to – and are now worried about the join (or lack of). Thinking of using some silicone to seal it – but worried as have been told it doesn’t work or stick to Tadelakt.

    How is yours holding up after a few years?
    Looks beautiful btw!

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  19. Francesca D'marco says

    What a great post- I actually reached out to Valentin today before I saw this. I’m thinking of using it in our kitchen as a large worktop that incorporates the kitchen sink and wondered whether to use tadelakt for the actual sink itself / do you know anyone who has done this ! Would it be recommended? Your post mentioned about scratching etc so perhaps not. I’ve seen sinks in bathrooms but I suppose your not throwing (placing!) heavy metal pots and pans in a bathroom sink!
    Would love to hear back your thoughts or any personal experiences you’ve had with this product.

    Thank You

    • No I don’t know anyone personally but Ive seen it in magazines and I think Valentin did it for a customer. You may want to check with him because when I contacted him about our project, in put me in touch with previous customers and I was able to have their opinion from the client perspective which I find reassuring.
      We have a white Conrian worktop in the kitchen and to be honest, it is beautiful and tactile but it stains easily especially with red food

  20. Annie Baudouin says

    Pourriez vous me donner la marque et éventuellement l’adresse du miroir qui est ni ovale ni rond, avec une accroche en bois, dans vos photos de salle de bain.

  21. Hello
    I love the look of your resin floor. Please could you let me know where that came from?
    Thank you

    • Thanks Caroline. Gosh I’ll have to go through my files and old posts because I have the memory of a goldfish and I forgot the name of the company but will dig it out for you thanks

  22. WPJ Heating says

    Wow!! This bathroom renovation images are so aesthetically pleasing. Thank you for sharing!!

  23. Exterior Plasterers Chch says

    It is a wonderful article on how to use tadelakt in a bathroom how much does it cost, which can be the best option as per your need. I like how you have researched and presented these exact points so clearly. This is very useful and its related to what you have actually mentioned here

  24. Stefan Robert says

    Thank you so much for sharing, do you mind letting me know where your wash hand basin and bath are from.

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