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I have a dilemma…

OK… it’s not a life-threatening one…it’s a fashion one and I know there is more to life, blablabla but I spent the day dealing with staff recruitment, VAT filing and monthly management account and frankly I need a break!
Last Saturday, when Mila and I went shopping, I saw a tall, mid-forties woman with her 14 years old boy in toe, looking damn good on a pair of black Hasbeens high-heeled jodhpurs and then the day after, I spotted these ‘beyond cute as pie’ clogs, Nathalie got for her daughter so I don’t know about you but personally I took it as a sign from the Universe telling me that I should get some! I really like the red ones Clare got in Paris but then Nath sent me the link about H&M and Hasbeens bringing together clogs to us this Spring…errmm Hello! Don’t they look fab!!??
The problem with anything that is made exclusively for H&M is often sold out by the time I get there, unless I start sleeping in front of the shop doors and I’m one of the first to grab a pair…What do you think??

J’ai un dilemme…il n’y pas mort d’homme…c’est un dilemme fashion et je sais qu’il y a plus important dans la vie, etc…mais j’ai passe la journee a regler des problemes de recrutement, TVA et les comptes de gestion mensuels et franchement, j’ai besoin d’un break!
Samedi dernier, alors que Mila et moi faisions un peu de shopping, j’ai apercu une femme de 40ans + et son garcon de 14 ans, ayant l’air super cool avec sa paire de black Hasbeens high-heeled jodhpurs et le jour d’apres, je suis tombee sur ces petits sabots a-do-ra-bles que Nathalie a achete pour sa fille alors bon je ne sais pas..mais moi j’ai pris comme un signe de l’univers me disant qu’il fallait que je m’offre une paire! J’aime beaucoup les rouges que Clare a achete a Paris mais Nath m’a envoye ce lien sur la nouvelle collaboration entre H&M and Hasbeens en magasin le 20 Avril…errmm Hello! Ils sont pas geniaux!!??
Le problem c’est qu’avec tout ce qui est fait exclusivement pour H&M, tout part en quelques heures, a moins que je dorme devant les portes du magasin la veille pour mettre la main sur une paire…Qu’est ce que vous en pensez??
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  1. yes! go for it. i’m planning to get some clogs for spring too. i also keep kicking myself for getting rid of the clogs i had when i was 15… they were navy blue and i think about them so much! but i agree on the difficulty of getting the h&m stuff – get your sleeping bag ready :)

  2. You should definitely go for them. They are so cool! Being swedish myself I grew up wearing clogs, but never as cool as these :)

  3. Love them! i want them too!!! et juste en passant mon nouveau blog est en ligne… hope to see you there :)

  4. i would definitely see it as a sign from the shoe god(dess)! i have the black jodhpurs and i love them. by the way, i have heard that the h&m designs will not be as nice but i am not sure if this is true.

  5. I have the high heeled jodhpur, and they are gorgeous. I actually have an embarrassing number (five pairs) of Hasbeens, I bought my first pair 2 years ago and now I think I have to cut myself off! They are amazing, super comfortable, and really durable – if that even factors in! Go for it!!

  6. Alors, je suis à fond pour ! J’ai des Kerstin Adolphson rouge depuis plusieurs saisons ; je les mets l’été bien sur et l’hiver avec des grosses chaussettes. J’adore les boots et les sandales et j’espère mettre la main sur les h&m, mais pas prête à faire la queue quand même

  7. I know that one pair of bright yellow hasbeens will def be trotting the streets of London this summer :)

    The high heeled black ones you showed look fab too!

    Lots of love
    Little Scandinavian in London x

  8. Oh, do it! They are gorgeous and now I want a pair, too! I have some hasbeen sandal clogs from last year and I *love* them.

    The only problem is that now I want more…

  9. Anonymous says

    Elles sont sublimes, mais elles ne sont pas soldées en France, vous avez mis un lien à -20% mais ou ça??? est-ce encore valable ??? merci
    Au fait, votre blog : So chic !


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