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I like this…

I think there is something hugely comforting and homely about offering edible Christmas gifts…Of course, if I was only offering a jar of red pesto to Elodie, she would not probably be very impressed (she is more of a Clare Vivier type of girl :-) but my Dad, who loves cooking, would enjoy a few of these
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  1. yummie I love pesto… finally have been eaten something different though this week.. all the feta cheese and mushrooms are finished… Tomorrow it is lasagna making day ;)

    I love the look of the Jaqueline Morabito oil.
    Have a great Sunday you ;)
    x desiree

  2. Totally agree. I love to make “Cookies in a Jar” for my family members’ gifts. It’s simple, quick, and Cheap!
    I love you blog by the way. It’s very inspirational.

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