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I want the stars and the sweeties too….

These last 3 weeks have been our most roller-coaster weeks of the year! Mostly because out of the blue, the bank which was managing our building had decided that all businesses including us should vacate the building by 12th August. Now I know what you are going to say…Can they do this?! Well, yes they can. To cut a long story short, owner filed for bankruptcy, bank took over management of the building, lease expired, bank happy to have businesses in the building then….bank no longer happy to have businesses in the building so after a quiet relaxing weekend there where I took Mila for her French holidays, I came back to something a lot less relaxing…In fact, I have been so stressed out since then that my stomach feels like I have been drinking G&T for a fortnight minus the upside of drinking a nice and cool G&T…
Now moving home can be pretty stressful so imagine how finding new premises, getting quotes from removal companies, sorting out phone lines, internet, insurance, moving a whole warehouse full of (gorgeous) stock in less than 2 weeks feel…simply awful!
I wrote many drafts to share what we were going through but never posted them because I wanted the blog to be inspiring and I just thought it was our problem anyway but I have to admit that the imminent move is disruptive and somehow I have to explain to those who may read this blog and order from us what is going on….
Today we got some fantastic feedback from customers but we also got a few negative ones and although we are always thrilled to hear about the good ones, we seriously care about the negative ones.
However, as much as we aim to offer 5*****customer service, we are a small team and not some huge corporate companies with thousands of staff and we are doing as much as we can to keep on top of everything.
So I just wanted to say to those customers who are currently disappointed, please bear with us…
We just need to get through the move on Friday and from next one week, we should be back to our normal, efficient self…and then I will have a proper G&T!

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  1. Oh, gosh!

    So sorry you’re going through a tough time — horrible news about the short notice on your lease!

    It’s always best to be authentic and real with your customers, they’ll appreciate your honesty. All blog posts can’t be rosy all of the time. That isn’t real, that isn’t life.

    I appreciate your honest words.

    Keep your spirits up. What doesn’t kill your brand will make you stronger in the end.

    Virtual hugs.

  2. Thanks for this! It really means the world to me…It always a bit tricky to find the balance trying to explain to people why we are behind and we are letting them down a bit without sounding pathetic but we are almost there. At least we have found nice offices, Chiswick is beautiful, it will be good for our team and next week we will kick ass (in a good way…) :-)

  3. I agree with Amy up there. That is seriously one horrible news to come home to but your honesty and great care to customer service will take you up and beyond this trying time! Plus, you and your company is so well loved, you will be sure to keep getting new and repeat customers. Bonne chance avec ton déménagement!

  4. Firstly, thanks for a wonderfully inspiring site & blog.
    Really sorry about the stressful news, never nice when these things are thrown at you, especially with such short notice. Keep up the good work and you will come out stronger. Keep visualising that GT (or 2) at the end : )
    Now you have wonderful Chiswick to look forward to. Lots of little boutiques & cafes to explore.
    Best of luck with the move.
    Sofia x

  5. who knows… maybe it is better this way, maybe this office now has more luck behind the door, maybe this happened for a reason…
    it is terrible, specially because it gives you such a hard time…
    all the best, a huge G&T and a big smile when everything is over…

    PS: Chiswick is great!

    love from Amsterdam xxx

  6. Chiswick is lovely, it must be really stressful, but better now then before Christmas…:) I think…best luck with the move! and how beautiful is your dog! so cute…

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