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I would love to get your feedback on our latest catalogue

BODIE and FOU SS/2013 catalogue Styling: Karine Kong Photography: Francois Kong
BODIE and FOU SS/2013 catalogue Styling: Karine Kong Photography: Francois Kong

BODIE and FOU SS/2013 catalogue Styling: Karine Kong Photography: Francois Kong

BODIE and FOU SS/2013 catalogue Styling: Karine Kong Photography: Francois Kong
BODIE and FOU SS/2013 catalogue Styling: Karine Kong Photography: Francois Kong
BODIE and FOU SS/2013 catalogue Styling: Karine Kong Photography: Francois Kong

Here is my latest baby…
A small yet beautiful, inspiring catalogue, packed with styling & decorative ideas to show you how to create inspiring, welcoming and beautiful family homes (you can view it on issuu here).

While it’s lot of hard work to put something like this together (and it costs an arm!), I thoroughly enjoy the creative process and it’s quite amazing after months of hard work for us to hold a print copy in our hands (no it doesn’t break my heart when you want to be taken off our list…#just a little #ItTotallyBreaksMyHeart #labouroflove #justkidding).

We won an Award with our first catalogue but I’m specially proud of this one because this time, I was able to style everything so there isn’t a single spread I don’t like but I have my favourites…
OK.. I’m in love with our NATURALS // moodboard on page 4 & 5, it’s a collection that I sourced when I went to Paris at the beginning of the year and that really inspired me.

Unfortunately, one of these gorgeous chopping boards is already sold out and I don’t think, we will be able to get any more this year and I so encourage you to get a few of these ceramic bowls…they are gorgeous!

 I also have a real soft spot for the workspace one which I styled in our new, gorgeous offices and I love our stonewashed linen collection because it is truly a beautiful collection!
Sadly, our supplier had some production issues so a couple of colours featured in the catalogue will not longer available (blue and mustard) but we are getting some really nice new colours next week (chalk, blush, green, denim) which I will style very soon to show them to you.
I would love to know which images/styling/double spread you prefer and why. It’s always nice to get some feedback!

//Get a copy of the BODIE and FOU catalogue here | Styling: Karine Kong | Photography: Francois Kong 

For styling/shooting commissions, please email me to leblog(at)


  1. Your gorgeous new catalogue just came through my door Karine and as always I just love it-huge congratulations. Your very first catalogue was revolutionary and so inspiring-I still have it and you so deserved an award for it! Having your own studio space is just the best thing ever to bring your shots to life (they remind me of when I used to work in one of the NW10 studios before the kids!)so I really fell in love with the workspace shot too, but also the icinic designs page-the perfect mix of styled shots, cut-outs and styling tips-just lovely xx

  2. yay! i can finally say how fab i think your catalogue is… i really love the simplicity of your bed linen shots (always have), but i think your new workshop brings such a wonderful element to your shoots now too! the edgy industrial backdrop versus the soft & sculptural elements of many of your products! perfect combo, not to mention the light through those windows! this is the kind of catalogue i pull tear sheets from to use as inspiration!

  3. @Sue aaah I’m beaming! Thank you so much.

    I’m so glad to hear that the kind of thing you would pull tear sheets from because that was one of my goals…I’m hoping that people will love some of the shots and atmosphere so much that it will inspire them…SO happy!

  4. louise hannon says

    I love this catalogue just as much as the last one! i keep them to flick through regularly for ideas and general inspiration,and they are great for helping to wind down after a stressful day at work!

    my favourite pages are the childrens bedrooms spread and the naturals.
    i loved the styling tips you gave in the previous catalogue.could you do those again with the next one?
    i am in the process of packing to move to australia for a year and space is tight but bodie and fou catalogues already packed ready for some interiors inspiration when i get there – thank you!

  5. louise hannon says

    moving to adelaide for a year with my husbands job.

    its really nice to post on your blog having read it for the last few years. in fact your blog is the first one i discovered and got me completely hooked on interiors blogs and blogging generally – hoping to start my own blog while i have a year off in australia.
    keep up the great work!

  6. I just discovered your blog and am now desperate to get my hands on your catalogue. I was about to comment and point out a few things that caught my eye but there were too many so I’ll have to peruse it all and then send you a proper message! Lovely inspiration and totally my style! x

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