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In the shop this week: the STAR necklace

Yesterday I was asked to share with TIME OUT the things I would love to have for Mother’s Day and amongst the things I mentioned was this lovely Star necklace
I don’t wear a lot of jewellery but when I do, I like my jewellery to be simple and feminine and most of the time, I wear mine on simple, white v-neck cotton t-shirt or a black, grey cashmere jumper..nothing fancy but it works for me. I don’t really do bling-bling.
The thing I love about this Star necklace is that it would also make a lovely little present for Mila (7 years old) and my niece Lily (9 years old) and it is kind of jewellery that Elodie and I wear anyway so I quite like the mother/daughter thing about this necklace…
What about you? Do you share jewellery with your daughter? Did you get her something that you got for yourself in the past? Would love to hear your mother/daughter experiences…
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