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Industrial home with a pool

The first thing that caught my attention was the lap pool. I’ve always found long, narrow pools visually attractive and as, at some point, we will move to Australia or head back to France, it is the kind of design I would like to have for our pool. I also love the inside, made of concrete walls and steel beams. It’s simple, pared down and filled with natural light…just perfect

You can see the whole article on Dwell (photos by Daniel Hennessy)
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  1. Oh wow. This home is fantastic. Look at all the details.

    I also have to tell you that I love you blog, how inspiring! And your shop! So many lovely things …


  2. I have to agree with you here. The long pool totally got my attention. The length of the pool reminds me of the pools used during the Summer Olympics. I bet you can do a lot of butterfly and freestyle strokes there! But overall, the house looks magnificent in a rustic and rough way.

  3. Overall, the place looks fantastic! I love the industrial-mechanic design of the property. It looks rough and unrefined, but in a good way. But yes, the pool definitely is the star of the whole design. That narrow-looking water feature adds softness to the overall look.

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