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Industrial office with wooden desk

Industrial office with wooden desk

I love this workspace a lot. Filled with natural light, the textures of the wall left raw contrasts beautifully with the industrial metal lockers from Danish design company House Doctor DK.

The red accents of the E metal letter and the metal stool adds an uplifting touch of colour while the vintage typewriter and stationary add warmth.


  1. yup, i love that image too – particularly the lamp. we’re moving at the beginning of may and i think i might have to put it in our new place!

  2. I love this space.
    Especially the BIG red E letter in the back. I collect Letter E’s cuz my hubbys name is Edward, and my sons name is Ezekiel…my two favorite. ♥Pearl

  3. Oh by the way,
    you have a neat inspiring blog.
    I’m your newest follower!

    Come check out my blog.


  4. I am ever on the lookout for stools. Now I feel inspired to blog about my favorite stools. Thanks!

  5. For my new kitchen wall I have a certain metal drawer in mind with lots of little doors… EAT would look great on top of it ;) I got the metal plates with Cafe already… I do wonder how the T would remain standing though ..

  6. OooOo this is just supers. Planning to do up the old cheese dairy in my house into a lounge/kitchen/diner and I want to keep the industrial/rustic feel by keeping the concrete flooring and the rough plastering!!! Great inspirations, thanks. Loves Ionwen XXX

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