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Industrial stairs in Paris

un escalier industriel à Paris

A picture of these industrial stairs was on my fridge in our London home for years.
So when French Interior Designer Valérie Mazérat posted it on Facebook, I messaged her to have a bit more background info.

It’s a project Valérie re-designed in 2008 .
At the time, her clients & their children lived in a 150 sqm2 apartment.
Having recently purchased the flat above, they hired Valérie to link the two apartments together.

The recently purchased flat was laid bare.

Valerie raised indoor partition walls with large windows to let natural light filtering through.
She then re-configured the space into three bedrooms, two bathrooms, an office and playroom.

Mixing original features and adding new ones…

Keen to maintain & restore some original features, she then designed the new flat with raw materials.
Polished concrete, wood and iron add various accents around a palette of muted colours.

I have been a long time admirer of Valérie’s design style and if you’re not too familiar with her work, she is the Interior Designer behind the inspiring concept store MERCI in Le Marais (Paris).

Discover more of Valérie’s work here or follow her on Instagram.

Photography: Emmanuel Barbe



  1. I’m obsessed with those (catalog?) drawers in the back. Do you know exactly what they are called so I can start keeping an eye out for some xxEm

  2. Hello, I’m a big fan of your blog.
    Can you kindly tell me where you got the beautiful mint(maybe turquoise) colored teepee and the morocco inspired floor cushions?

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