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Kate Moss by Corinne Day

Kate Moss by Corinne Day

This iconic picture (below) of a young Kate Moss by British Fashion Photographer Corinne Day (1965-2010) is one of my favourites. It exudes an innocence, happiness and freedom that, as mother, you are hoping to see on your children faces as long as possible.
Kate Moss, Corinne Day and healthy foodIn 1993, Day was commissioned by Alexandra Shulman to photographe Kate Moss for the June issue of the British edition of Vogue. She photographed the young model (19 at the time) in her flat with her then boyfriend, fashion photographer Mario Sorrenti. For the story, Moss had an argument with her boyfriend just before the shoot and shows a vulnerability that contributed to making these images one of the most iconic of the 1990s. She also wears H&M lingerie (named Hennes at the time), which is rarely remembered or credited.

The feature was aimed to be a lingerie fashion spread and, the editorial, “Under Exposed” caused a media scandal, with newspapers from the Daily Mail to The Independent claiming that the images were hideous, exploitative, verging on child pornography.Kate Moss by Corinne DayKate Moss by Corinne DayKate Moss by Corinne Day

Personally, these images don’t shock me. I have seen far worse in Vogue, in recent years on much younger models which are not even 18 and that shocks me far more than this editorial portraiting a 19 years old young woman.

Day was hugely talented and has produced a great body of work, which I find really inspiring. Sadly, she was also diagnosed with a grade 2 brain tumour called an Oligo Astrocytoma  in November 1996 at the Bellevue hospital in New York. Returning to the UK in December, she was then given 8 years to live by the surgeon and oncologist. However, through alternative treatments and good nutrition, Corinne outlived this prognosis by over 6 years, passing away in 2010 instead of 2004.

It is not the first time that I read about people who manage to extend their lives or cure an illness through nutrition and I do believe foods has an enormous impact on our emotional and physical well-being. I dont know about you but I notice major differences in my energy level and mood when I eat healthily Vs when I give in to junk funk and refined sugars and to these days, while I’m not 100% healthy, it is something that Iconstantly thrive to improve.

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