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Kitchen renovations update

Kitchen renovations update

I know I owe you a full-length post on our kitchen renovations but for those who followed our adventures on Instagram, dealing with the Swedish giant hasn’t been plain sailing.
Besides the 5 weeks delay, they also managed to deliver seven kitchen doors with the wrong finish.

Mistake that we sadly noticed only when the doors were fitted and the protective film was off.
An expensive mistake that costs me 200 euros to get the guy back to take down the wrong doors and fit the right ones.
Sadly, I’m pretty sure that it is not something that IKEA will refund, despite the fact that the mistake was made by their kitchen planner at the time of my order…Kitchen renovations update On the plus side, I absolutely LOVE our kitchen.
It’s becoming my personal laboratory to create and test new smoothies and green juices recipes. Soon, I’m hoping to tackle protein balls so if you have any great recipes, please share!!

The new layout works perfectly for us.
Steve and I can be both in the kitchen without being on top of each other and have our own station for he to operate as the Chef and me as the Sous-Chef.

Having two ovens is also one luxury that I will repeat if I ever do another kitchen (which I probably will) and I love the ones we got from SMEG.

A few people asked me what models we got so here are the links for you: one is a Classic Built-in Electric Multifunction single-oven and the other is a built-in steam one.

Kitchen renovations update
We have yet to fit the extractor and the kitchen door leading to the back garden but I will start tidying up all these boxes soon and take pictures to take you through all the renovations and the products we selected.
Yet, even with all these boxes around, I love our kitchen, which is a good sign, isn’t it!?

PS: The BAYWATCH fine art print is now available for sale from my e-shop HERE.


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