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La tropezienne bag is mine

Yesterday in cultural differences, I mentioned the ‘petits changements’ (small changes) I’m making to be a ‘good’ partner rather than a total geek the head down on my laptop…
Sometimes I feel like an ex-addict and I should really set up a support group for ALA (Anonymous Laptop Addicted or is it Laptop Addicted Anonymous??) which I would attend religiously each week to get over my blogging/twittering/facebook impulses but yesterday I didn’t attend the ALA meeting and I happily twittered away which took me on the most amazing journey of discovery…
So I went from here, to here and then here and then I totally forgot what happened next but somehow I ended up here and hello mama!!!….I fell in love with…..

La Tropezienne bag (soon to be on my getting there tanned arm) designed by Clare Guerrerro Vivier, a great girl I spoke to last night who lives in LA and he is married to a French guy.
Clare designs some very sexy foldover clutches but after doing a trunk show at Taylor De Cordoba, she got an email from Adriana Caras, who used to have her own shoe/bag line and had a lot of Italian hardware and leather left over.
She asked, if she would like to come take a look at it so Clare went to meet her at her storage place in a squat, seedy bldg in West Hollywood which nonetheless serves as the office bldg for fabulous-fille Alexandra von Furstenberg and find this beautiful eco-tanned leather swatch.

This stunning bag made it to so many blogs (see here and here and here and I will stop there…) that Clare quickly ran out of leather to make enough bags. Luckily I managed to get one of the last ones and I’m super hyper excited. I was on a high last night after speaking to her but given the success, she went back to Mrs Caras who managed to put her in touch with a company that had some left over so La Tropezienne bag is back but not for long.
If you want one, email Clare now at [email protected] or enjoy her blog here
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  1. jennifer ramos says

    Hi Karine!
    This is Jen Ramos (Madebygirl) I’m having trouble logging in, anyhow my guy just bought this bag for me too! As a Bday present….my bday is in AUG though…but since there weren’t many left, he thought to get it now. :) I talked to Clare too, she was very nice…. :)

    Will be blogging about it when i get it…talk to u soon -hope you’re well!

  2. Hi Jen
    How are you? So nice of your man to get you this. I can’t wait to receive mine. Clare is sending it this Friday…I’m super excited :-)

  3. Hey Karine…How are you?
    Have you received your bag? how do you like it?? I haven’t received mine yet, I believe she told my guy that she shipped it earlier today because they were literally making them. :)
    So exciting…

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