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The Lappalainen brass handmade mobile from Tea and Kate

Lappalainen brass handmade mobile from Tea and Kate

In what seems the longest Winter ever, I have decided to ignore the weather and focus on creating a Summery vibes in our home in France.

As it happened, we received all our belongings from our home in London the day before I flew to London to work with Command Brand again.

Facing the content of two houses fitting in one on my return, raised my stress level a bit but I’m slowly making my way through boxes and I’m planning to re-decorate the whole house one room at a time to accommodate the living requirements of our family.
Spending two weeks in the house on holidays doesn’t require the same level of storage than living there the whole year.
I’m also working from home now and so does Steve on Fridays so they are quite a few things we need to improve to make space work for us.

The great thing is that I have received some of my favourite objects and furniture including my beloved Ghost sofa and this beautiful Lappalainen brass handmade mobile from awesome online store Tea and Kate.Lappalainen brass handmade mobile from Tea and Kate

I never owned a mobile before.
I saw some nice ones when I attended the Ambiente fair in Frankfurt a few months ago (you can read my trend report here) but not nice enough for me to want to add one in our home other than in Mila’s bedroom (see makeover part 1 here and part 2 here).

The Lappalainen brass handmade mobile is different…

It is such a unique, beautiful piece of design, that I knew it would look great in our home.

The thing I didn’t foresee was how much joy I would get from just looking at it…

A couple of days ago, the weather was so beautiful that I opened the French doors leading onto our garden and sat on the sofa for a while to soak up the sun coming into the room. I was mesmerized how the copper parts of this beautiful mobile were catching the light and playing with it on the wall (see my stories).

Truly, this was the most enjoyable, unexpected moment I had in a while.
As a friend of mine told me after I posted a video in my stories on Instagram, “this is a mobile for grown-ups”.Lappalainen brass handmade mobile from Tea and KateIndeed it is and it has provided me with a great amount of joy since I finally got around to hang it.

Lappalainen brass handmade mobile from Tea and KateLappalainen brass handmade mobile from Tea and Kate

The rug above comes from Next but I couldn’t see it on their website, so I’ve added a few alternatives for you below.

So what do you think of this beautiful Lappalainen brass handmade mobile?

Is it something you would love in your home and have you stumbled upon something recently that provided with a great amount of joy?





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  1. Reu | Buy Handmade Products says

    Is that really handmade? That’s really cool! J

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