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Last post for the day but I couldn’t resist….

OK one last post for the day because if I spent my day in front of the computer, I’m not gonna get anything done but I couldn’t resist this white cotton pendant light and the whole atmosphere of the room….simply beautiful
What do you think?
This light designed by Nelson Sepudelva for Ay Illuminate reminds me a bit of the spirit of the Koushi XXL pendant light (with Coton Kandhi, 350 €) by Mark Eden Schooley I fell in love with at MERCI in Paris.
(C) Image from Dutch magazine VT Wonen
Ay Illuminate:
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  1. Beautiful find! I love the softness and relaxed feeling of the space with the details of a loose cotton pendant (love to see this at night), mix & match industrial chairs and casual hanging photography. It ties in the lovely elements of a chic vintage laundry mat.

    Love it!

  2. OMG I WANT IT! it is gorgeus… it reminds me of the little lamps in the bag I bought at merci.. I still have not unpacked the little bag as it is a beauty on its own…

    BTW This week I will be walking around in the house the makers of this magazine *VT Wonen* that is my favorite all time magazine ;)build at the annual interior exhibition in the Netherlands.. come over and have a look at it!
    bisous d’amsterdam… je suis tres fatique apres l’experience avec notre amis d’IKEA ;)

  3. Hi Desiree

    I think I fixed the link…It was a page about Paola’s words of wisdom I thought in the Sunday times (I think) and the pics of her lights I took when I went to Paris.
    Have a great rest of the day

  4. @nested yellow jewelry…
    You perfectly captured the atmosphere of this room…I had a look at your website, you have some gorgeous pieces on it!

  5. I thought exactly the same thing when I saw this photo … I really do dream of having the real Navona …. I remember those Merci shots !!!

  6. Yes it is fixed ;) great lamps of Paola to!
    The floor here is thenew floor Lodge kalk from the VT wonen collection.. I am anxious to see it inthe house,, it looks a lot like my own white floor.
    Have a great week

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