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Less is more

I torn this page from an old Elle Deco ages ago and put it on my bedroom wall next to our linen curtains ages ago. I love it. I don’t know…there is something very calming about this image of these old boots, neatly organized against the wall. They look simple, they are just shoes and yet I think it is a beautiful image. I also love the courier typeface used…everything works very well here. It’s simple things like these that inspire me. I have another shot on my mood board at work with a quote from Flaubert that says: “Be regular and orderly in your life, so that you may be violent and original in your work

And for me, that summarizes my creative process…I need order, I need whites at home to then take my mind onto more colourful places. See you tomorrow
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  1. Totally agree with you on the calm white at home… I work with children ,parents and hundreds of toys… I like my home because it has such an relaxing flow… It now it totally white… next think the floors!
    Good to have you back x)

  2. Hi! I recently discovered your blog and I adore it! I dearly love your sense of style. I could live in a place that is completely functional, white and industrial although I am currently using a lot of color.

    I totally get your need for order. It is order that inspires me, I love the Flaubert quote. I also adore the photo of the boots lined up in an orderly fashion. Sometimes it is the mundane that inspires me.

    Here is a picture of my office. It is sparseness that I need when I create. And my creations are rather like explosions.

    I’ve been wanting to do an office/studio post. I love your office by the way. Thanks again for the good read!


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