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Let me introduce you to Doryan

Let me introduce you to Doryan…
He is one of my Marketing Assistant along my beloved Sophie (more about Soph’ later) but he is also François‘ best friend so I have known him for a while and he stays with us a few months until he found a flat in London.
He is as comfortable in front of the camera as a potato on a bicycle but he is incredibly good at skating and managed to get the council in the town we grew up (Cognac) to create a skating ramp and allocate a space for skaters to practice during Winter time.
He is also amazing with kids and he is teaching Mila how to skate (so if you want one a great instructor for the kids he is your guy!)
I love this picture of him (below) taken by François because somehow it makes me think about Dancer, Choregrapher Mikhail Baryshnikov
Look how cute he looked when he was a kid!
Anyway, he is 30 something, has a great heart, he is smart but he is single (and when he’s gonna read this, he will probably die) but if you are 30 something and you’re looking for an amazing guy, well I greatly recommend him. He is definitively boyfriend material.
His email his [email protected]
PS: Don’t be friend with a blogger, you never know when it’s going to end ;-)
PS2: I forgot to mention that Doryan is French so has a very sexy accent when he speaks English ;-)

// Photography: Francois Kong
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  1. Oh Karine, this is just great! Please tell Doryan not to be embarrassed at all-its brilliant. And somehow makes him even cuter knowing he is embarrassed! Hope he finds a lovely, lucky lady!! ;-)

  2. Oh poor guy, he must be so embarrassed, and also drowning in emails from desperate women now! :D

    You can just tell him to delete everything in his inbox and send him my way, he sounds and looks gorgeous.

  3. @ emma ::emmas designblogg::
    Yes he was pretty embarrassed, which is a shame, because that wasn’t my intention. I genuinely meant everything I said, he is a great guy and deserves someone really nice but girls in London don’t seem to rate kindness anymore, its all about work & position…

  4. Anonymous says

    J’ai 30 something et il est charmant mais je suis à Paris… Ahlala, que le monde est mal fait ;-)

  5. Danielle says

    Ah I can’t believe he is single – I saw him when I came for an intern interview, he is very handsome! No reason for him to be embarrassed :)

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