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Elodie, co-Founder of BODIE and FOU,
Elodie, co-Founder of BODIE  and FOU, www.karinecandicekong.comLet me introduce you to Elodie, the Bodie of BODIE and FOU.

I can’t tell you how much I love this woman. She is smart, beautiful, funny, a great mother and a great sister. She is incredibly supportive of everything I do and have complete faith in all my projects and I really wish you all to have someone like this in your life, being a sister, mother or friend.

She was my muse when I was taking a lot of black & white portraits years ago and still is.
Although we are five years apart (I’m the eldest), we often connect the way twins do.
We have very similar tastes too…The number of times we’ve ended up buying the same clothes from Zara, she in Paris and me in London without even consulting each other…
Apparently, we look very similar too…When she was working in London at Universal Pictures International, one of her colleagues told her “I saw your sister in the tube” – I didn’t know the guy and I had never met him in my life.
Yesterday, she was asked if we were twins. A few months ago, she was asked if I was her younger sister (she didn’t think it was funny). Sometimes, she gets asked if she is my mum (I’m kidding!). 
We’ve never thought we looked alike to the point of being mistaken for twins. She is slimmer and petite. My face is rounder and I’m curvier but yesterday I took this photo of her outside MERCI in Paris and I thought I was looking at a photo of me…Spooky!
Do you get that with your siblings? 

PS: I discovered a boutique called L’Art du Basic in Le Marais – totally worth it!

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Founder of Award-Winning Concept Store BODIE and FOU (now closed) & Photographer, UK's Top 10 Design blog, mum of one cool surfer, 23 years in London, now living by the beach in France, married to a kiwi.


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