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Life with mila | the credit card

Life with Mila | The credit card


This is part of a series I call Life with Mila.

A collection of funny things my daughter used to say when she was growing up. I hope, one day, she will cherish these priceless childhood memories.

Mila: “Papa…at what age can I have a credit card?”
Steve: “31”
Mila: “Really!? But Hayley has one and she is like 21”
Steve: “Yeah but its 21 in New-Zealand. In France it’s a weird rule but it’s 31”
Mila: “OK…”

fun father & daughter conversation


  1. Sarah says

    My kids 12 and 16 have a debit card each into which their pocket money is paid weekly. It allows them to spend on line , top up their oyster cards, and for me to transfer money into their account if they need to pay for the cinema .It gives them a taste of the grown up world but without the over draught headache for me.
    We have had the usual problems forgotten lost cards, but I think it has been worth it.

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