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{Life with Mila} is a series of funny words Mila told her mum as she was growing up and now recorded on the blog www.karinecandicekong.comSometimes, Mila (9 years old) gets worried about my age. She doesn’t think I’m old or look old, she thinks the number is old…
Mila: “…mamaaaan, I don’t like you being 40”
Me: “yes I know but that’s ok…I mean technically I’m 44”
Mila: “Yes I know but I don’t like it! Can’t you be…30 for instance?”
Me: “:-) yes if you want…I’m 30 in my head anyway..”
Mila: “Ok…let’s say you’re 34”
Me: “ok cool, let’s do that. What about papa? What age shall we give him?”
Mila: “Umm…46?” (he is turning 47 this year)
Me: “Really? You want me to be with someone older than me”*
Mila: “OK…44”


* For the records, I dont have an issue with it.


  1. This post made me laugh so much! I’m also 44 but with a three year old daughter so I hate to think how old “my age” might sound to her when she’s older :) I found your blog a wee while ago and as I’m based in Wellington NZ it was lovely to read about your connection to NZ. Love how open you are on the blog. Love your shop too! :)

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