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Life with Mila | On Skype

7am: on skype to her papa who is in Hong Kong…
Mila: “on Thursday, we have to dress up at school and I would like a rabbit costume with a little basket with chocolate eggs for my friends
Steve: (trying to pass on his kiwi wisdom to his child): “You know where I was little, we used to empty eggs and paint them”
Mila: “Yeah but you know now we have chocolate eggs” (as in… you know in 2011, chocolate eggs exist so we don’t have to paint eggs)
Steve: “Yes I know but it would be a cool thing to do…”
Mila: “Err…but we have chocolate eggs now” (go away Daddy with your old-fashioned craft ideas, I’m going to Tesco…

PS: I love the girl’s hair below, love her style, love her face and I love this new print!

Photo via A cup of Jo via The Daybook

7pm: diner table with Laure (our French au-pair) and Mila

For some odd, inexplicable reasons, Mila loves bananas but hates touching them once they’re peeled. Today’s lesson with Laure was how to peel a banana right to the bottom without having to touch it
Mila: “Regarde….je fais ca et je fais ca….et voila“*
Me: “wow bebe, I’m so proud of you!…Well done Laure”
Mila: “Well done ME!

*Look, I do this and this and there we go!
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  1. ha ha I love these little conversations.. I think you should make a book for Mila with these little conversations and get your brother to make beautiful B&W pictures of her and her little life and put them together… I honestly think it will be an awesome memory for her! Jeez … why didn’t I think about this 20 years earlier!

    Now about the banana, my son recently told me we should open a banana not from the top but at the bottom.. with two hands and voila no crushed top!

    When my kids were little I sometimes fooled them by taking a pin and cutting the banana from the outside in little slices by moving the pin from left to right… It was fun to see their face when the opened the banana and saw it was sliced;P

    Bring the wine along… but I warn you I get drunk very fast…also wondering if you ever met Lau irl before?

  2. Yeah I will definitively make something for her out of it. It’s such a cool age, she cracks me up so much but she gets upset every time I laugh…One day she will understand

    I’m a cheap date too so one bottle should be enough :-) and now I’ve never met Lau before but given the time we spent writing to each other, I feel I know her already and it will be great to see you all

  3. Think so too ;) we can all jump in her hotel lounge and finish the bottle with her if we can’t make it.. it is only about a 5 minutes walk from my place ;) I think your girl gets upset because she thinks you are not taking her serious LOL… One day she will tell you to shut up .. and especially not sing ;P

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