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Life with Mila | The Bug

Life with Mila | The Bug

This is part of a series I call Life with Mila.  A collection of funny things my daughter used to say when she was growing up. I hope, one day, she will cherish these priceless childhood memories.

Steve and I have been feeling low in energy these past few days…

Me: “I’m drained”
Steve: “So am I”
Me: “Do you think we’re fighting something?”
Mila: “I’m good!”
Steve: “Yes a bug called Mila”
Mila: “It’s the best bug in the world!!” (silence from both of us)

She carries on…“Let’s go with that!”

Mila wears a sweatshirt I got from Topshop a few years ago.
Here are few of my favorite sweatshirts currently available.


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