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Life with Mila | The Tooth Fairy

Sadly Mila and I had to rush to France yesterday to see my 95 years old mamie (she is the hot chick on the left hand side and my mum is the one in the middle sporting the bathing suit with spots – I love this photo). It’s a sad time but I wanted to be there to tell her what a wonderful grandmother she had been to me before it was too late.

How many good memories I have for all the summers spent with her, all the walks we took by the seaside and to the library, her maverick sense of humour, how she always had a pot of Nutella for us when she knew we were coming, how happy she was when we all had our own children (my sister, my cousins and I) and then she became an amazing great grand-mother putting photos of all her grand children everywhere.

How funny, polite and witty she was – she would greet and smile to everyone in the street, even people she didn’t know but once in a while she would squeeze my arm with a maverick smile and say “this one is an idiot” and I would burst out laughing.

How she never spoke a word of English but always spoke to Steve with a warm, caring smile as if he would understand. How unbelievably soft her bed linens and towels were and how neither of us ever managed to crack her secret despite using the same laundry products (I had this conversation with my aunts yesterday). 
How wonderful she always smelled (she used Roger & Gallet soaps), how soft her skin was and still is and how much I love her.
I’m glad Mila came with me. She is such a caring little girl. Yesterday while she was stroking gently my mamie’s hand, she asked:
Mila:“where are her teeth ?”
Me: “She hasn’t got any :-(“
Mila:“Did she get some money from the tooth fairy ?”

I can’t tell you how good it felt for my mum and I to burst out laughing…Have a great weekend


  1. tu as beaucoup de chance de pouvoir dire au revoir… et quelle émotion dans ce post… je suis bouleversée… Merci Mila… oui, la réalité des kids est autre et tellement “a garder”… Calinez vous bien!
    L A U

  2. Quelle jolie preuve d’amour. C’est triste mais l’histoire et la photo temoignent d’une vraie belle histoire.
    Bon courage.

  3. It is great you are there* (well done Steve) in time to hold her hand and maybe stroke through her hair a bit. Talking and memorizing the great moment you had with her and Yes ;) even laugh beside her bed in times like this the best thing that can happen.
    Very big hug to you and your family Bisous et beaucoup de courage X

  4. sorry to hear that…it’s a wonderful thing though you were there and that she was surrounded by her family and much love. kids are the best, in their innocence they make us see things under another perspective.

  5. La mienne a 90 ans et je la vois deux fois par an (et ce sera cette semaine). J’aime ton post, je ressens beaucoup de choses identiques (la douceur des draps !). Avec toute ma sympathie, bon courage à vous tous.

  6. La mienne a 90 ans et je la vois deux fois par an (la prochaine dans quelques jours). J’aime ton post, ça me rappelle plein de choses identiques (la douceur des draps!). Avec toute ma sympathie, bon courage à vous tous.

  7. Such a sad – but heart-warming – post! and how beautiful that she is surrounded by her family when her time comes…best wishes for all of you and sunny greetings from Germany, geisslein

  8. Reading this just makes me want to be near my mamie, unfortunately thousands of miles away…
    Thinking of you Karine!

  9. Beaucoup d’émotions, de chaleur et d’amour dans ton post et une belle photo pleine de vie comme les mots des enfants ! J’ai aussi une grand- mère qui a beaucoup de place dans notre famille, enfants, petits enfants, arrière petits enfants. Je te comprends. Bon courage.

  10. The important thing is the wonderful memories, memories that are going to be with you forever. So much love in your family that is so important and the innocence of the kids are the best.

    I remember too when my lovely grandpa wait for me with nutella, my favorite : )

    Sending you lots of love!

  11. such an invaluable lesson you are teaching your daughter by taking her with you on this journey… learning to give thanks & accepting loss are two of life’s most precious lessons…

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