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Life with Mila…

is wonderful, fun and full of love…I have the memory of a goldfish but she has the memory of an elephant and will remember things we told her 6 months ago. I hope she remembers her childhood as happy and full of love.

One evening Steve and I went out and here is what we found on Mila’s door when we came back…My heart sank…in a good way :-)

(C) Francois Kong, Bird clothes pegs to display Mila’s drawings from here


  1. C’est beau ! Quel chouette chambre on devine là et les petits mots et dessins suspendus, c’est juste “so sweet” comme on dit chez toi ;)

  2. Aw, that is beyond sweet! *melt*
    You know, my kid has same kind of memory.. and, as my mom told me.. kids can remember all kinds of things as they have ‘new batteries up there’. lol. I wish I could change and replace mine. ;p

  3. This is so sweet ;)I hope you saved it… Still saving one from my then five year old son saying forbidden for girls! (pointing at his sister and her friends)

    Great memeories and another great picture.. All stars rule W/

  4. Trop adorable, est-ce vous qui avez peint le parquet en blanc ? Si oui, avez- vous des conseils car je me lance pour la chambre de mes enfants.

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