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Loft conversion renovations, part 2

Loft conversion, Home of Karine Kong, Founder of READ ON >>

Loft conversion, Home of Karine Kong, Founder of www.bodieandfou.comWe’ve now received our new Sophie bed from so I’m finally able to share with you the bedroom side of our loft conversion (read Part 1  here). I still need to hang my black & white prints on the wall, add a desk and finishing touches but I think these first photos will show you what the room looks like finished given it was looking like this, this and this to start with! (more photos of our renovations here)

Storage: As mentioned here, this room has plenty of storage and the bed I chose comes with storage underneath the base which is very handy if you want to store spare pillows, blankets or bed throws and ordering from was a piece of cake. They don’t have any shops, just a showroom in Chelsea where I didn’t bother going because it was super easy to order fabric samples online and upon delivery time, the bed turned up with additional gifts like a pair of sheepskin sleepers, a scented candle and a teabag…everything you need to chill out.

Black Floorboards: One of the reasons we were able to complete the loft conversion in about seven weeks is that there was no down time. Our builders would let us know when they would need the material and Steve and I made sure it was delivered on time for them. Initially, I wanted white floorboards (of course!) like in the rest of the house but the ones I wanted had a 6-8 weeks delivery time and these large black floorboards could be ours within two weeks. As we never used black floorboards in any of renovation projects before, we decided to go for it and I love them! In fact, I think next time, I will use them on a bigger scale like in this amazing kitchen. If you’re planning a loft renovation or any renovation for that matter, make sure you’ve worked out the final scheme or are open to changes. The down side is that they show dust pretty quickly but I think we are likely to get one of these little round hoovers that go around the room by themselves.
Loft conversion, Home of Karine Kong, Founder of  Loft conversion, Home of Karine Kong, Founder of Loft conversion, Home of Karine Kong, Founder of
Loft King sourced and fitted all the windows including the large glass panel (and here) which has a great view of London, insulated and fitted the whole room (bathroom, floorboards, etc)

Renovations technical file:

  • Completion time: about 7 weeks
  • Loft conversion company: Loft King (see more info in Loft Conversion Part 1).
  • Black floorboards: Details to follow (just need to dig out the paperwork)
  • Bedroom radiator is the Aestus Spiro from Designers Radiators Direct which we wouldn’t strongly recommend but the radiators look great
  • Sophie bed from
  • We also fitted a large black out blind operated with a remote control and fitted the Velux sky windows with black out blinds because I’m French and I grew up with shutters so the slight ray of light wakes me up.

Photography: Doryan Mothu, temporary styling by me



  1. Hi Urszula

    I was looking for a dark grey/charcoal bed and I like this one because it had storage below the mattress too which I thought would be handy to store blankets etc since I’m all for a minimalist look.

    Hope this helps


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  10. Francis says

    The bedroom is looking absolutely glorious. Sleep is better with this.

  11. Sarwar Ahmad says

    Hi Karine,
    Looks lovely. Curious why you wouldn’t recommend the radiators (or is it the supplier?)? I was thinking of using similar ones in exactly the same type of spot. They look really good.

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