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London Family Style by PAUMES

Our home in London Family Style by EDITION PAUMESA very big thank you to Editions PAUMES for asking us to be part of their new book London Family Style and to Helena from Agence Violette, their press agent in France, who co-ordinated the photoshoots with all the families (must have been tricky to fit so many families in such a short time). I have always been a big fan of their books so being in one of them was a dream comes true and it’s really nice to see the homes of Bianca Hall and Nina Nagel (ByGraziela) and discover other creative families in London (Made with Love by Mrs Booth, Bopeep Kids, Dandy Star, etc.)
So here is our home….please ignore the kitchen! I hate the tiles on the floor and the kitchen units but we are planning in the next 6 months to have our lounge looking like Paul Massey’s lounge and then if we have any money left or win the lottery, we will then do the kitchen.Our home in London Family Style by EDITION PAUMESOur home in London Family Style by EDITION PAUMESAll the photos from the book will be displayed at Ella Doran’s store during the London Design Festival 2010 and if you can go there, there will be an opportunity to meet Fumie Shimoji (co-founder of Edition Paumes) at the event party on Saturday 26th from 2-6pm.

Ella Doran
18th-26th September 2010
Ground Floor Shop
46 Cheshire Street, London, E2 6EH
Thursday – Friday: 11am – 6pm; Saturday 12pm – 6pm; Sunday 12pm-6pm


  1. oh never mind the tiles ;) the kitchen look great and I can see what you mean by a place like Paul Massey’s place.. I totally adore it and it is one of the reasons why I wanted a white floor.. Your kitchen looks grat though with all the light!

  2. Amazing all these london families interiors… When would they come to Lille???? And yours especcially Karine, I love it (and the green chairs in the kitchen)!

  3. Oh it all looks wonderful … I have been meaning to order some of these books for so long now … will do now !!!

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