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London print and others

London print and others

How strange to write about our London print and a few others, the day I left our London home for good.

If you didn’t see the news on Instagram, we’ve sold our family home to live in France by the beach.
I finished packing our belongings last night including the London print we had in the lounge, Steve is finalizing everything over the weekend and the removal company is coming on Monday.
It is still too new for me to write anything about the move, leaving our family house and turning the page on 23 years of my life in London but I will eventually.

However, I have received several messages and emails asking me about the BODIE and FOU prints we produced when I was running the shop so I thought I would share with you all the prints I have left in stock.

I have only 4 designs left: LONDON, NEW-YORK, YOU ARE LOVED and BE HAPPY

London print and others

NEW-YORK print by BODIE and FOU

London print and others

BE HAPPY print by BODIE and FOU

London print and others


All the other designs are now sold out and I don’t think I will start production again as I have moved on doing other creative things. However, if I ever come across some of the other designs while sorting out our stuff, I will list them on the bodieandfoupreloved account.

All the prints left in stock are brand new:

  • Prints are screen-printed,
  • 30 x 40 cm, unframed
  • £35 each + P&P
  • Payment can be made via bacs transfer or paypal but please email me at [email protected] beforehand as I don’t have much stock left of each.



  1. Sally Gilks says

    I am so sorry for the delay etc. in my concluding the purchase of the print, You Are Loved, from weeks ago. Family problems got in the way.
    I’m sending you the £39.50 via PayPal in the hopes you have one left.
    Thank you so much.
    Sally Gilks

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