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Margote Ceramiste jewellery collection

Margote Ceramiste is a French independent jewellery brand launched by Caroline Girardon in 2008.

I first came across Caroline’s collection a few years ago in a French magazine when she launched this pretty bracelet adorned with a white porcelain star and this one which I adore.

Back in London, I forgot about them until I spotted them again in a little boutique in Le Moulleau near our surf club in France last June.

Funnily enough, Caroline recently contacted me to introduce me to her new collection Palermo Hiver 2018.Margote Ceramiste jewellery collection

While I loved the free-spirit vibe of the previous collection, the new collection is more refined, chic and feminine.

I’m wearing the necklace “Grande Dame” which comes with an 18K plated gold chain and a beautiful quartz stone.

In addition to looking stylish, quartz is known to get rid of energetic, emotional blocks and to stimulate your memory, imagination, and intuition.

It also represents wisdom and serenity. All things that strike a chord with me…Margote Ceramiste jewellery collectionMargote Ceramiste jewellery collectionIn the UK, some of Margote Ceramiste’s jewellery is available from a shop called Indian Summer on Fulham road. Otherwise, you can order directly from her website.

Photos taken with my new Huawei P20 Pro (loving it but still working out all the features)


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