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My massive blog crush this week….mais alors massive!…is Vosges Paris – a Dutch blog edited by the stylish, talented, fabulous Desiree…

C’est pas difficile (it’s not difficult) I like everything in her blog, her perfect selection of links to blogs and shops, her coup de coeur, the relaxing layout of her blog but most of all, I’m totally in love with her home….
Look at these beautiful, inspiring images of one of her bedrooms…If this doesn’t inspire you to rush to buy some white & grey paints and spend the weekend re-doing a room, what will?! :-)

Have a lovely weekend…I’m off painting our lounge all in white. Then I will need to convince the man in the house to take the carpet off our stairs to paint everything white and I think, given the number of stains this monkey has made since joining our family, I may well be lucky
(C) Photos: Vosges Paris
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  1. only found your blog recently for the first time. love it!
    just had to comment on the wish to pull up all the carpet and paint it all white – and wondering what the husband will think……i know what he will think – i’m just trying to work out how i can do some and show him how good it will look – and persuade him that way!!!!!
    i’ll keep my fingers crossed for us all!!
    mrs c. xox

  2. he you girl.go for it and paint your stairs white.i just did so myself some weeks ago.and the walls got different cubes of white is absolutely beautifull.i will show you at my blog soon.
    by the way, i love your blog.

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