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Mila’s 5th B’day party….Major success

Last Sunday, we celebrated Mila’s 5th Birthday and it was amazing!
As Mila and I share our lives with the kiwi King of BBQ & Sunday roast, we decided to organize Mila’s party with a BBQ afterwards with all the parents to give everyone the opportunity to get to know each other.
Total: 14 kids + 25 adults = a very noisy but happy and memorable afternoon!

The blackboard sign…

The party bags…..

The Gingerbread man decoration….

Mila’s cup cakes….

The guests….

Best party activity: Decoration of the Gingerbread man…by far
Best party find: Glitter clutch bag at the £1 shop….a real bargain with WOW factor!
Best creative idea: Decorating cupcakes with Mila’s face on. I got the idea from Swiss Miss but added little things that Mila says often on the back of the cards like” “I love you to the moon and back and back to the planet…“, “For ever and ever….“, “Let’s have a huggle” (family cuddle), etc…
Best life saver: Chocolate & strawberry cupcakes from Tesco’s Finest range (£1.70 for 2)
Best friends: Mandy, Peyman, Mel, Guillaume, Pete, Barbara, Jerome, Liz, Francois, Julie & Eleonore + anyone else who helped us to make this day truly special. Thank you all
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  1. oh my god, this is soooo cute!!! i can’t decide if i would love to be a child myself again to have this party or to have a child and create a kind of party like this for her or him!! cutecutecute!!

  2. I think I’d rather be a child again and get someone to organise the party for me…Would be a lot easier :-) You wouldn’t believe how many times Mila rejected my invit designs…until I put my foot down.

    Saying that, it was eye-opening for me because I didn’t think I would enjoy the creative process so much and it was something where Mila had the final word on everything so it was very empowering for her. My next challenge is Halloween…

  3. omg – she is such a Beauty!!!! she is a taurus too?! so I think she is headstrong and always fair and full of love! happy belated birthday to her. greetings from rainy germany, geisslein

  4. Thanks Geisslein :-) Yes she is v confident (on the verge of being bossy) but very kind and loving….
    Have a lovely weekend

  5. I think confidence is what little girls really need to be (and the bigger too).
    And – by the way – beeing a little bit bossy is not too bad for a girl…She is such a Beauty, everybody will excuse this ;o)
    My birthday is on the of may too…I guess I am a little bit similar ;o)
    happy weekend for you too!

  6. Just beautiful, loving those purses. Mila is stunning and very lucky to have such a clever mummy.

    Can you tell me where you got the toppers for the cupcakes or if you made them yourself? Apologies if i have missed this in the post. I’m in the midst of party planning for my youngests 3rd birthday bbq and these would be perfect. Thanks Em

  7. I’m glad you gave the toppers a name because I couldn’t work out how to call them….I’ve made themselves on photoshop…I created the round shape on photoshop, then drop Mila’s pics in and add the text. Same for the verso then pasted all the different versions into a Word doc, cut them out into a round shape and glue them against each other with a toothpick in the middle (best to glue them onto a thicker paper actually). If you are familiar with photoshop but you are struggling doing the round shape, email me at leblog(at)bodieandfou(dot).com and I will send you the template.

  8. Phew, i better get started. I’ve just finished the invites and although i’ve been using paperlesspost(dot)com i’m so indecisive its taken me 2 days although they are now perfect.

    Too much Martha Stewart and ohdeedoh is probably how i know about cake toppers.

    Thanks for the tips!!
    ps my 5 year old also says huggle has done since she could talk, i love it.

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