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US road trip: 2 days in Wrightsville Beach

We are 4 days into our road trip from North Carolina to South Carolina and already I feel again that I could spend months on the road with my two favorite people.
I regularly bring up the idea of touring the world to Mila and Steve but until now Mila was against being homeschooled and leaving her friends. Now she is warming up slowly to the idea.

Temperamental wifi and time zone difference have also made this trip so far very chilled. I mostly open my emails to mass delete newsletters I won’t read and respond to my mum. The OOO is on and the weather is so nice here that by the time, we’ve spent 4 hours in the water surfing, the last thing I have energy for is to sit in front of my laptop so this post will be short.

I loved Nags Head beach. It was unpretentious and some food places felt tucked in the 70-80s with had its charm from a photography point of view. No fancy, modern coffee places but we ate great fish food. The Quality Suite hotel we stayed in wasn’t that great but it had a fab pool and was 5 min walk from the beach.
However, I had a real wow factor when we set camp in Wilmington KOA and discover Wrightsville Beach.US road trip: 2 days in Wrightsville BeachUS road trip: 2 days in Wrightsville BeachUS road trip: 2 days in Wrightsville BeachUS road trip: 2 days in Wrightsville Beach The beach was beautiful. We rented boards for 4 hours and Mila and I had an amazing time catching waves.

As you may have seen from my stories, we spent two nights in an Airstream which I found on Airbnb.

It came with an inflatable mattress so it wasn’t fantastically comfortable but it’s part of a road trip. One night you don’t sleep well, the night after you’re so tired that you crashed within 5 minutes. We had to book a campsite too where they could deliver the Airstream so we chose Wilmington KOA campground which I really liked. I felt we were not on top of each other like French campsites are and it was in the middle of nature which felt very relaxing. It has a pool too.

US road trip: 2 days in Wrightsville Beach US road trip: 2 days in Wrightsville Beach

Mila wears a cap from Vans. Her tee-shirt is from Billabong, her shorts are from H&M, socks from Vans and these blue Converse high top.

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  1. Sean Mahan says

    Sounds like such a relaxing trip, so glad you decided to share a little bit with us. Loved reading this post.

  2. Hi! Just wondering if you’re following the historic Hurricane heading for Carolina and Wrightsville Beaches? It’s going to be absolutely devastating according to the forecast. Really enjoyed the photos of your visit here and very sad the towns may not look anything like that in a few short days

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